FBTB Lego Trivia Questions and Aggregate Scores

See the whole Lego Trivia Thread on FBTB,and the official score sheet. Some questions and answers have been modified from their original wording for clarity or context, and comments have been provided by David Eaton (aka DaveE, aka davee123)

# Asker Answered By Question Answer
1.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicCommanderJakeName 5 members of the Rock Raiders team.axel, doc, jet, sparks, bandit, arguably "chief"
2.CommanderJakeAndiIn what year was thte "aquazone" range released?1995
3.AndiNobody (stumper!)how many different castle themes are there?14
(Dependant on counting. Ninja? Does Knight's Kingdom count as 1 or 2? Ditto Knight's Kingdom II? Duplo? Fairies? Etc)
4.AndiHoundisname the cities which have a LegolandBillund, Windsor, Carlsbad, Gunzberg
5.Houndismasternerdy576Who was the founder of the LEGO Company?Ole Kirk Christiansen
6.masternerdy576CommanderJakeWhat year did they introduce Fleshie heads? And, what series started it?2002, NBA
7.CommanderJakeBarbarossacomplete the set title: Ninja - "Bridge of the ------ ---"Bridge of the Rising Sun
(UK Name)
8.BarbarossaOptika1 illushunWhen did Lego introduce the "Stud and Tube" connecting system?1958
9.Optika1 illushunNobody (stumper!)What was the first Lego technic programmable lego set?1090
10.Optika1 illushunellerbwhat were the set numbers of the US release sets that were in the Kellogs promotional series?1560,1561,1562,1563
11.ellerbNobody (stumper!)Name the sons of Ole Kirk Christiansen and what they did for a living after Godtfred took over LEGO in 1958.Johannes, Karl Georg, Godtfred, Gerhardt
(Never got list of jobs)
12.ellerbNobody (stumper!)List all of the Castle sets (before Knight's Kingdom II) that were in variety packs and bonus packs(11,6016,6041), (1974,1974), (1675,1877), (1476,1480), (1891,1888), (1597,1547,1590,1624), (1967,1971), (1723,1794), (9205,1917), (1843,1843), (1286,1287,1288,1289)
13.ellerbCommanderJakeHow many visors came in the American version of the [Yellow] Castle?8
14.CommanderJakeOd BallIn what sets, apart from roboriders, did this piece appear?Dark Side Developer Kit
15.Od BallCommanderJakeIn 1963 the Lego company switched from what materiel to ABS plastic to make ther bricks.Cellulose Acetate
16.CommanderJakeR2-MB2AstromechMechanicIn total, how many slizers are there?12
17.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicD1 Name 5 members of the original Alpha Team.Cam,Charge,Cruch,Dash,Flex,Radia, arguably "TEEVEE"
18.D1R2-MB2AstromechMechanicName the green guy from the Artic line.Scooter
19.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicCommanderJake According to the Rock Raiders Video Game, why do the Rock Raiders crew members have to teleport to the planet?They need energy crystals to fuel their damaged ship
20.CommanderJakeellerbCompetition: _ _ _ - tong _ _ _ _ _ _ _ sCompetition: Jaw-Tong Slammers
21.ellerbNobody (stumper!)What LEGO piece has a diameter of 13 studs and 2 plates?Merry Go Round wheel from Fabuland
22.ellerbNobody (stumper!)What was the set design group/department of LEGO called in the 1980's?Futura
23.ellerbCommanderJakeName the first sets to contain a: 1) Light Grey Treasure Chest 2) Dark (Blue) Grey Treasure Chest 3)Brown Treasure Chest6011,7017,6023
24.CommanderJakeNobody (stumper!)Name this mask, its power, and it's wearer:Toa Matoro, Kanohi Iden, Mask of Spirit
25.CommanderJakeHoundisName all of the Toa InikaJaller, Hahli, Nuparu, Hewkii, Kongu, Matoro.
26.HoundisCommanderJakename all the creatures that appear in the LEGO Viking line.Nidhogg Dragon, Wyvern Dragon, Fafnir Dragon, Fenris Wolf, Midgard serpent
27.CommanderJakeWonko the SaneWho wore this mask, what is it called, and what is its power?Toa Iruni, it's called the Kanohi kualsi, power: quick-travel
28.Wonko the SaneCommanderJakeWhat is the name of the 'virus' in the Piraka's zamor spheres?antidermis
29.CommanderJakeWonko the SaneName 3 matoran who wear powerless Akaku'sAft, Bour, and Pelagia.
30.Wonko the SaneEmperorWhat is the name of Makuta's mask, and how many versions of it have been released?Kanohi Krahhkan, and there was three releases.
-.EmperorInvalid/Strickenname all of the sets with light up minifigs in them, even the discontinued.wokie catarman, clone turbo tank, tie fighter, ultamate lightsabre duel, and the 7273 police station
(Forgot Nurnberg Promotional Darth Vader, question struck)
31.Wonko the SaneNobody (stumper!)What are the sensors included in 8527 LEGO Mindstorms NTX?Touch,Light,Sound,Ultrasonic,Rotation
32.Wonko the SaneOd BallWhat is the current version of Lego Digital Designer?1.6
33.Od BallCommanderJakeWhat new series, especially designed for under-twos, was launched in 1995?Primo
34.CommanderJakeWonko the SaneName lego island's villian.The Brickster
35.Wonko the SaneCommanderJakeIn G678 Knights' Kingdom Chess Set, which minifigs are used as the bishops?Vladek/Jayko
36.CommanderJakendougla1Who has the kanohi olmak, and what are its powers?Brutaka. He wears the Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Gates
37.ndougla1AndrewHow many set came with the pitchfork? And what are the sets?6. 6040,6103,1680,1974-1,1877,1974-3
Question was never verified, but granted correct by R2-MB2
38.CommanderJakeR2-MB2AstromechMechanicWho wears the Kanohi Avohki?Takanuva
39.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicNobody (stumper!)How many (different) LEGO Astromechs have been made? What are their names?3, R2-D2, R2-D1/red astromech, and R5-D4.
40.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicellerb Name the titles of 4 stop-motion lego movies made by "Spite your Face" Productions.The Peril of Doc Ock, The Han Solo Affair, Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Lego, ONE: A Space Odyssey
41.ellerbNobody (stumper!)What LEGO publication has this figure in it?Idea Book 200
42.ellerbChris Was HereList all of the LEGO joust and tournament sets.1584,6060,6095,8779,383,6021,6083
43.Chris Was HereJake_SnicketName all of the characters in the Exo-Force line.Hikaru, Takeshi, Ryo, Ha-Ya-To, Keiken, Meca One, Devastator, Iron Drone
44.CommanderJakeHoundisname the upcoming dragon in the new viking setArmored Ofnir Dragon
45.HoundisCommanderJakeWho is the villain in set #7780?Killer Croc
46.CommanderJakeChris Was HereName the knights that appear in set 8876Sir Jayko and Sir Danju
47.Chris Was Hereepsilon-72If you were to buy all 5 Viking sets, how many total creatures and vikings would you have?22: 16 vikings, 6 creatures
48.epsilon-72CommanderJakeon the first lego island, how do you defeat the brickster?First, you have to release him by giving him a hot/spicy pizza, then you follow him around the island on a skateboard, picking up pieces of helicopter as you go. Then you throw pizzas at him and donuts at the police.
49.CommanderJakeHoundisWhat Is the largest amount of clones (II or III) That can be bought is a set(S)? Which set(s)?6 clones, in the Clone Turbo Tank (no LUL)
50.HoundisR2-MB2AstromechMechanicWhen were the first minifigures released?1978
51.CommanderJakeAurra_is_singingWhat line is set 4308 part of?Racers
52.Aurra_is_singingCommanderJakeWhat is the rarest minifig TLG has ever produced?NesQuik Rabbit
(Improper question-- Rarity is too qualitative, could be Toy Fair promo figs, the white-haired fig, Red Sox promo fig, and lots more, not even counting unreleased figures)
53.CommanderJakethe ChampIn the first line of toa, (the olda) which toa's tool was not a custom made new mould?The shield of the white one (Kopaka).
54.the ChampCommanderJakeWhat were the names of the Toa, also finish the following line for every Toa: Toa of .....Tahu, toa of fire, Gali, toa of water, Lewa, toa of air, Pohatu, toa of stone, Onua, toa of earth, Kopaka, toa of ice
55.CommanderJakeThe Jinja NinjaWhich was the first theme to feature click hinges?Rock Raiders/Star Wars
(Answer given was incomplete, but question passed anyway)
56.The Jinja NinjaChris Was Here1.)Name the set that the above picture shows, 2.)Give me it's set number, 3.)Say how mant pieces are in it.Mini Tow Truck, Set # 6423, 34 pieces
57.Chris Was HereellerbAnyway, how many Legends sets have been released to date?11
58.ellerbajcross123Which 1980's classic space set was never publicly released but discovered in the Billund Vault?1526
59.ajcross123ellerbWhat Star Wars set has the most unique pieces?7186 Watto's Junkyard: 30564 Tan, 30563 MdBlue, 30350 Red, 2593 Red, 2577 Green, 30565 Blue, 30358 OldDkGray, 3068bps2 Yellow, 6153 Green, 30363px6 Blue, 970c00, 973 Tan
(not confident that this is the definitive answer)
60.ellerbNobody (stumper!)What is the most rare color of the classic knight visor (http://www.peeron.com/inv/parts/x105) ever shown in a catalog?Blue
61.ellerbNobody (stumper!)List all of the castle sets with women in them.2872, 3739, 6023, 6031, 6037, 6041, 6060, 6067, 6071, 6081, 6087, 6083, 6097, 6098, G678, 9376
62.ellerbNobody (stumper!)Weetabix Cereal and LEGO had several promotional sets in the 1970's and 1980's. In set 1589, LEGOLAND Town, what exactly did you have to send in to get the set?To recieve the 1589 set you had to submit one proof of purchase and 6.95.
63.ellerbCommanderJakeList the last four sets released to contain a black falcon shield.4768,10039,10000,6057
64.CommanderJakeThe Jinja Ninjawhat is the name of this piece?Wedge 4 x 16 Curved Triple
65.The Jinja NinjaAndiComplete the name of this 1990 set and give me its set number: C**e*ti** **r*g*rCelestial Forager, Set Number 6896
66.AndiCommanderJakeHow many football stadiums has Lego created? And what are the set numbers?3409 Champion Challenge, 3420 Medium Soccer Pitch, 3421 Thin Soccer Pitch, 3425 Grand Championship Cup
67.CommanderJakeellerbTo what range does the 6831 Message Decoder belong?Space Police
68.ellerbobi-wan-stefanWhich LEGO set has the longest name (contains the most words in its title)?7783 or 7021
69.obi-wan-stefanCommanderJakename all the colors that the minifig from set 7704 has.DkStone, MetallicSilver, TrNeonGreen, PearlLtGray, MetallicSilver, Red
70.CommanderJakeobi-wan-stefancomplete the title: Adventurers: The S----t of --- --h---The Secret of the Sphinx
71.obi-wan-stefanCommanderJakehow many toa's (bionicle) have a golden mask and what's there name?Lhikan's Hau, Takanuva's Avhokii, Brutaka's Olmak, Iriuni's Kualsi, Toa Kaita Akamai's Aki, Vakama's / Tahu Nuva's Vahi
72.CommanderJakeobi-wan-stefanPolice: S--e- T-a---r-Police: Speed Trackers
73.obi-wan-stefanCommanderJakeInsectiods: M---i- S--v----rMantis Scavenger
74.CommanderJakeobi-wan-stefanname takua's ussal crab, and the set number.pewku, set 8595
75.obi-wan-stefanCommanderJakewhich 2 of the six inika (bionicle) has played already in a movie?Jaller and Hahli
76.CommanderJakeNobody (stumper!)name two creatures that vezon will ride.Fenrakk spider, Kardas Dragon
77.CommanderJakeccjwprongsTo what (specific sub-) theme does Evil Ogel Atack belong to?Alpha Team: Mission Deep Sea
78.ccjwprongsdWhisperFrom where was the term Lego derived?It was derived from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning "play well"
79.dWhisperCommanderJakeWhat year did Lego release its first Motor Set, and how powerful was it?1966, 4.5 volts
80.CommanderJakeobi-wan-stefanto what theme does set 1711: Seaplane belong to?Ice Planet 2002
81.obi-wan-stefanCommanderJakeFor pictured set, I need to know: box number, name, what year is has beeing releasd7409, Secret of the Tomb, 2003
82.obi-wan-stefanCommanderJakeIslanders: E-c---t-- I-----dEnchanted Island
83.CommanderJakeobi-wan-stefanname all 5 of the original knights from knights kingdom, and their animal.vladek - scorpion, Santis - bear, Rascus - monkey, Jayko - bird, Danju - wolf
-.obi-wan-stefanInvalid/Strickenhow many different exo-force robots has beeing releasd?-
Question was deemed non-specific after a flurry of answers
84.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicStarfreak61What is the only r unit figure not to have the basic head/body/two legs assemblyR5-D4, R1-G4
85.Starfreak61CommanderJakewhat were the three Rebel Starships to be remade by the lego company after thier first release?xwing, ywing, millenium falcon
(Incorrect, as the A-wing was not included.)
86.CommanderJakeStarfreak61In what bionicle set can you get three kinds of feet?Likhan and Kikanalo?
87.Starfreak61EmperorName the 7 ferrari sets currently active.8673,8672,8671,8362,8654,8653,8652
88.Emperordyip_90How many sets does the AT-ST come in?3: UCS, Mini, and System.
89.CommanderJakejoedwardHow many incarnations of the star destroyer have there been?4
90.joedwardJayfoHow much did the 8" Venator go for on eBay?$31,602.00
91.JayfoBrettWhat year did lego make their first beige bricks?1998
(This may be correct, but maybe not-- beige was known to be available internally before 1998)
92.BrettdWhisperWhat was LEGO's first retail store in the United States, where is it and what year did it open?1992, Mall of America
93.dWhisperStarfreak61What year were the first Minifigs released, and what themes were they included with?1978, town
94.Starfreak61CommanderJakeWhat Minifigures come with 4746 mobile command center?5: Arrow, Charge, Radia, Tee Vee, Ogel Agent
95.CommanderJakeobi-wan-stefanComplete the title: Legends: B--c- -a-c--'s -o-t--s-Black Falcon's Fortress
96.obi-wan-stefanCommanderJakeFor the pictured set, -name -number -year of release.Xalienator, 6975, 1998
97.CommanderJakeStarfreak61name set #1695Treasure Cart
98.Starfreak61obi-wan-stefanWhat difference in the windscreen colors for space police one and two was there?one was red and the other was green
99.obi-wan-stefanStarfreak61complete it: Space port: R--a- --rRadar Car
100.Starfreak61CommanderJakeComplete the title: C-b-- -au--rCyber Saucer
101.CommanderJakeStarfreak61name set 7015Viking Warrior challenges the Fenris Wolf
102.Starfreak61CommanderJakeHow many incarnations of the slave one have there been?5
103.CommanderJakeStarfreak61how many snowspeeders have been made?4
104.Starfreak61CommanderJakeOkay, how many different dragons are there in the viking line?armoured ofnir dragon, wyvern dragon, fafnir dragon, nidhogg dragon, baby dragon
105.CommanderJakeStarfreak61to which sub-theme does set 1736 belong?Dragon Masters
106.Starfreak61obi-wan-stefanName five Robot Exo-Force battle machines.Sentry, Fire Vulture, Sonic Phantom, Striking Venom, Thunder Fury
107.obi-wan-stefanStarfreak61To what theme does 5914 belongs too?Adventurers/ Dino Island
108.Starfreak61CommanderJakeWhat were the subthemes of the Alpha Team line? (looking for three)mission deep sea, artic, alpha team (the first one)
109.CommanderJakeChris Was Herethe 1996 set Cloud Cruiser belongs to which range?Exploriens
110.Chris Was HereStarfreak61How many Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets sets were released in its first wave?8
111.Starfreak61ajcross123How many Paradisa sets included pink elements?18. Or 17, if you don't like dark pink in Paradisa Barbeque
112.ajcross123Nobody (stumper!)I am unique in that I like sports, star wars and pilots. Who am I? (which minifig/set)Star Wars A-wing Set 6207 had the Rebel Technician with the sporty skateboard helmet and that undeniably happy face when he was around the pilot.
(Sort of an unclear question, may not be quite fair)
113.ajcross123JayfoIf the UCS Star Destroyer is the longest plus widest Star Wars set, what is the second longest plus widest?Cloud City
114.JayfodWhisperFor the pictured set, Name, Set #, number of pieces6585 - Extreme Team Hang Glider, 19 pieces
115.dWhisperajcross123How many different colors are featured in the set "4501 - Mos Eisley Cantina"26: Black, Blue, Brown, Chrome, Clear, Copper, Dove Blue, DkRed, DkStone, Gray, LightTeal, MdStone, Orange, Red, RedBrown, SandBlue, SandGreen, SandRed, Silver, Tan, Teal, TrLtBlue, TrRed, TrYellow, White, Yellow
116.ajcross123Nobody (stumper!)What is the tallest lego set?7905 Building Crane
(Incorrect. Crane is 68cm tall, Statue of Liberty is at least 80cm tall, approx 85cm)
117.ajcross123FilmmakerPaulWhat set has the most Chrome in it?UCS Naboo Starfighter
(Incorrect. UCS NS had 12 chrome elements, 9320-1 Journey Into Space Set had 44 chrome elements.)
118.FilmmakerPaulThe Jinja NinjaWhat set has the most minifigs in it?#9247 Community workers, 31 figures
119.CommanderJakenautolan jedi masterName set 1297kabaya promo set
120.nautolan jedi masterCommanderJakehow many animal cattlehorns did you get in the enchanted island set (6292)8
121.CommanderJakeccjwprongsset 8621 contains two cretures, what are they?Turaga Dume and Nivawk
122.ccjwprongsJayfoName the biggest set in the "Divers" line of '97. I want the name and set number.6560 Diving Expedition Explorer
(While accurate, ccjwprongs never confirmed the answer)
123.CommanderJakeJayfoIf I was talking to Sam Sinister, what range would I be in?Adventurers
124.Jayfovader17What year did LEGO release the brick separator?1988
125.vader17Starfreak61who thought of the name lego and what does lego mean?Ole Kirk Christiansen, from "Leg Godt" = "Play Well"
126.Starfreak61CommanderJakeWhen was the first duplo brick introduced?1966
127.CommanderJakeJayfoI am a green clone trooper. name a set that I come in.7260 Wookie Catamaran
128.JayfoCommanderJakeWhat Star Wars set has the most pieces?Death Star II
129.CommanderJakevader17how many minifigs do you get in 6560?7
130.vader17CommanderJakefeatured in the lego magazine a few years back what physic was a floating lego head with a turban?the amazing redini
131.CommanderJakevader17name the type and colour of Toa Lhikan's maskKanohi Hau, Gold
132.vader17Jayfohow many figs do you get in set 69693
133.JayfoStarfreak61What year did Lego release their first flexable minifigs?1978
134.Starfreak61vader17What was the second Alpha team line centered around?underwater
135.vader17DevallusGuysevery year children spend almost how many hours playing legos?5,000,000,000 hours
136.DevallusGuysdWhisperOn what day in 2005, was 70 % of all Legoland parks sold for $--- million dollars to which company. Who owns the remaining 30%?Press release was on July 13th, 2005, stating as of June, $461 million, Blackstone Group, LEGO Group
137.dWhisperStarfreak61What year was the "Discovery" line offered in partnership with the TV channel of the same name, and how many sets were offered as part of the series?2003, 6 sets
138.Starfreak61CommanderJakeWhat set featured flexible tubes, an air pump system, and a black alien commander?7317 Vacuum Transport Station
139.CommanderJakeStarfreak61Who drives the Recon Mech RP?Antares
140.Starfreak61dWhisperWhat was the original lego space-oriented line called?, and name two of the sets"Space," released in 1979, Alpha-1 Rocket Base and Galactic Explorer
(Incorrect. 1978 was start of space line, both sets listed are from '79, not original release)
141.dWhispervader17How many different colors were included in the [Alpha-I] Rocket Base set?8. Black, Blue, Light Grey, White, Yellow, Trans-Green, Trans-Red, Trans-Yellow.
142.AndrewStarfreak61What year were the Avatar LEGOs (line) released?2006
143.Starfreak61sith35how many Pirate sets were launched in 1989?11
144.sith35dWhisperHow many different droids are in the Star Wars system line?31?
Iffy question, depending on how you count droids such as droid fighters, etc. Credit possibly ought to go to other guessers.
145.dWhisperStarfreak61What was the first set that included this part?Air Blazers or Police HQ
146.Starfreak61ellerbWhat was the original color of the rock monsters in the Rock Raiders seires supposed to be before brown?Light Grey
Point should have gone to DevallusGuys, who correctly guessed Gray
147.ellerbNobody (stumper!)Name atleast two of the specialized elements (not normal bricks or plates) that have been in production by LEGO for the longest period of time (Since the 1950's until now).Macaroni, 1x2 window
148.ellerbStarfreak61When was the LEGO Marketing department founded? 1959
149.Starfreak61D1The first LEGO mom was introduced when?1974
150.D1Nobody (stumper!)What is the name of the grey Ninja?Ito (source: 1998 catalog/magazine)
151.D1JayfoIn what year did the first pink element come out?1994
152.JayfoStarfreak61For the set pictured, Name, Set #, Number of PiecesIsland Racer, 5920-2, 49 pieces
153.Starfreak61D1A LEGO Primo Character: ________CaterpillarClarence
154.Starfreak61dWhisperWhat color was the first LEGO castle?Yellow
(Incorrect. Weetabix castle from approx 1965 was mostly red/white)
155.dWhisperStarfreak61For the set pictured, list the name, number, year, and series6862 Secret Space Voyager, 1991, M-Tron
156.Starfreak61JayfoTrue or False: There was a LEGO line called Vintage Cars.True
157.JayfoStarfreak61In the game "LEGO Chess" what minifigure teaches you how to play if you're a beginner?The Chess King
158.Starfreak61Masta LegoHow many minifigures came in the AT-AT?4
159.Masta LegoStarfreak61When was the first 1/3 element released?1962
160.Starfreak61dWhisperComplete the set title: G _ _ a _ t _ _ _ _ d _ _ _ o rGalactic Mediator
161.dWhispervader17what year did LEGO switch away from the classic "suitcase" style Basic sets to the modern "bucket" design?1987
162.vader17CommanderJakewhat is the only life on mars set that you can get instructions for on lego.com and how many figs does it come withAero Tube Hangar #7317, 5 minifigs
163.CommanderJakedWhisperName the charecters in set 7317Arcturus,Cassiopeia, Mizar, Rigel, Vega
164.dWhispervader17Unscramble: udehntr rwaor btoathunder arrow boat
165.AndrewJayfoHow many pieces are in set 7890?118
166.Jayfovader17How many minifigs are in set 6734?2
167.vader17Jayfowhat three sets made in 1997 were known as the timetwisters line and how many figs did they have?6495 - 1 fig, 6496 - 2 figs, 6497 - 4 figs
168.JayfoHoundisHow many pieces are in set 10174?1068
169.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicdWhisperWhat color lightsaber comes with the new 4504 millenium falcon set?Light Bluish Grey, but not used as a lightsaber
170.dWhisperellerbWhat's the logest running LEGO theme, and when was it first released?Castle
(Iffy question, and possibly wrong. Trains: 1966-2006, Castle arguably from 1978-1997 or 1978-2000 or 1978-2006, gaps at 2001-2003 and arguably 1998-1999, space was 1978-1998, Duplo arguably 1969-2006 (gap for name change), Technic 1977-2006, Town arguably 1955-2006, though this was specifically denounced by the poster)
171.ellerbD1Which castle figs were the first to not feature the classic smiley.The Forestwoman from the Forestmen Crossing, and the Maiden from The King's Mountain Fortress
(Forgot ghosts from 6034-1 and 6081-1, who had black heads)
172.D1dWhisperIn the year 1989, a theme was released that became 'the most successful product line yet.' What was it?Pirates
173.dWhisperellerbWho's the Marketing Manager for all things LEGO in Russia, and what is his or her email address?Olga Lombas, olga.lombas@europe.lego.com
174.ellerbNobody (stumper!)List all of the prototype and modified LEGO elements used in the Monty Python LEGO movie.Can-Can dancer helmets, John Cleese's helmet, Tree knight's visor (prototype), and a mace.
175.R2-MB2AstromechMechanicdWhisperWhat is the latest shop at home exclusive?10177 - Boeing 787 Dreamliner
176.ellerbCommanderJakeName the colors that the ghost minifig shroud has been released in (in official sets).Glow-in-the-dark (new), Glow-in-the-dark (old)
177.Starfreak61dWhisperWhat family owned LEGO over three generations?The Christiansen's
178.dWhisperD1What colors were included with the Classic House Building set?Blue, Green, Bright Green, Red, White, and Yellow
179.D1nautolan jedi masterWhat is the recommended age for Quatro?1-3
180.nautolan jedi masterJayfoin the NBA set #3440-1 there is two minifigs, what are the two numbers on their backs?4 and 9
181.JayfoD1What was the latest set to include the pictured piece?6741-1: Blacktron Super Vehicle
182.D1Chris Was HereWhat brand of ball is used in the new Soccer/Football sets?Adidas
183.Chris Was HereMr.ManglesIf you were to add all the basic tan Battle Droids included in all the Episode I-III sets, how many Battle Droids would you have?25
-.Mr.ManglesInvalid/StrickenName all the pearl blue pieces, and the sets they come in.-
Violated 10-part answer rule
184.Chris Was HeredWhisperOkay, how many LEGO board games have been released/announced?Tic-Tac-Toe, Parcheesi, Dominoes, Checkers, KK2 Chess Set, Vikings Chess Set
(Missed a lot, very incomplete, very little good data online: Adventurers board game, Knight's Kingdom, X-Pods, 9040 Learning Games Set, Creator game, probably more!)
185.dWhispervader17The X-Wing, 4502 (as well as the new cousin 6212) includes a part that's only available as a solid color in this set. All other versions of this part are transparent colors.Click-hinge canopy
186.vader17dWhisperanyway, how many propellers come with 7214 and what color are they?2 - Black
187.dWhisperNobody (stumper!)Name the set, number and release year.1580-1: Lunar Scout
188.dWhisperCount Blacktronwhat 1980s line featured models that included a Laser Launcher and Monorail?Futuron
189.dWhisperJunsierHow many minifigs are included in the 2006 City Advent Calendar?9
190.dWhisperChris Was HereHow Many Ultimate Collector Series sets have been released?10
191.Chris Was HeredWhisperIf you were to buy all 39 Harry Potter Sets, how many Harry Potters would you have?27 from the sets, 31 if you coun keychains and pens
192.dWhisperajcross123How many sets has the good ole classic "Yellow Head - Standard Smile" appeared in?678-701
(Very iffy question, online resources are VERY incomplete for this)
-.kotorfan2000Invalid/StrickenIf you add up every viking and creature in all the viking sets whats the total?-
Question was asked out of sequence
193.AndrewCount BlacktronHow many pieces (not including light sabers) does General Grievous (the minifigure) have?8
194.Count BlacktronLard ThrawnWhat was the name of the first LEGO wizard minifigure?Majisto or Merlin
195.Starfreak61JunsierWhat line of LEGO products is influenced by anime?Avatar line, But also the Exo-Force
196.JunsierEmperorHow many versions of any Boba Fett minifg have released by TLG in official Lego sets?4 - Slave I, Original, with Dark Grey Hands, Slave I, New, with Dark Bley hands, Jango Fetts Slave one With young Boba, Cloud City, with printed arms and legs
197.Emperordavee123What was the largest Space Police Ship?6986 Mission Commander
198.davee123Nobody (stumper!)In the 1980's, Lego released a space-themed comic book featuring a hero named Jim. What was the name of Jim's 2nd adventure book?The Kidnappers from Swamp Planet
199.davee123dWhisperMinifig hair in *white* has been available only in one set. What set was it?365-1 Wild West Scene, the White Hair w/ Pigtails
Incorrect! Also available in uninventoried set 1066-1 (Dacta fig pack)
200.dWhisperdavee123How many unique named minifigs are there in the Knight's Kingdom 2 line?10 (Jayko, Rascus, Santis, Danju, Vladek, Mathias, Kentis, Adric, Dracus, Karzon)
201.davee123ajcross123According to Peeron, what set has the most 1xN technic bricks with hole(s)?8485-1: Control Center / Control II has 207 technic beams.
202.ajcross123davee123Two years after the giant ball was dead, I showed that the moon had studs, My endless mission was to boldly go Where no minifigs have gone before. What set am I?497/928 Galaxy Explorer
(Question is sort of unclear)
203.davee123Nobody (stumper!)When Lego first established its headquarters in the US, what town did the company choose as its location?Brookfield, CT
204.davee123Nobody (stumper!)Although the Time Cruisers theme implied that Timmy & the professor travel all over in time, the time never actually changed! What time is it in the Time Cruisers theme?Almost 8:00 (7:56-7:59)
205.davee123Count BlacktronWhat do Native Americans, Divers, RoboForce, Aquaraiders, Time Twisters, UFO, Outback, and Fright Knights all have in common?They were all released in 1997
206.Count Blacktrondavee123How many LEGO sets have contained an Emperor minifigure?9. 7419 - Dragon Fortress (Emperor Chang Wu), 7200 - Final Duel I (Emperor Palpatine), 7166 - Imperial Shuttle (Emperor Palpatine), 3340 - Star Wars #1 (Emperor Palpatine), 7264 - Imperial Inspection (Emperor Palpatine), 3053 - Emperor's Stronghold (Ninja theme Emperor), 3077 - Ninja Shogun's Small Fort (Ninja theme Emperor), 3050 - Shanghai Surprise (Ninja theme Emperor), 3346 - Ninja #3 (Ninja theme Emperor)
207.davee123dWhisperThis piece came in Legoland space sets released between 1985 and 1990, but never in anything BUT space. It mostly came in black, but once it came in blue and once in old light gray. It usually came in pairs, but one 1987 set contained just one of them. What piece is it?Space window 4x4x6 outward facing corner
208.dWhisperepsilon-72For the set pictured, name the set, number, and year of release.3072 Mega Tack (or Megatax), 1999
209.epsilon-72davee123What are the names of the first 8 throwbots?Torch, Ski, Turbo, Scuba, Jet, Amazon, Granite, Electro.
210.davee123dWhisperWhich of the following motor vehicle companies have had their vehicles modeled in official Lego sets? 1) Audi 2) BMW 3) Cadillac 4) Fiat 5) Ford 6) Harley Davidson 7) Honda 8) Mercedes 9) Rolls Royce 10) ToyotaAudi, Cadillac, Fiat, Ford, Harley Davidson, Mercedes, Rolls Royce
211.dWhisperdavee123How many $99+ LEGO Star Wars System Sets have been released?6. 10123-1 Cloud City, 4483-1 Imperial AT-AT, 6211-1 Imperial Star Destroyer, 4504-1 Millennium Falcon, 7190-1 Millennium Falcon, 10144-1 Sandcrawler
212.davee123dWhisperName as many licensed Lego themes (and/or subthemes) as possible that have had theatrical movies associated with them.Harry Potter, Star Wars, Studios (Jurassic Park III and Spider-Man), Spider-man, Batman, Spongebob Squarepants, Winnie the Pooh, Disney
Incorrect. Forgot: Thomas the Tank Engine, Sports (NBA and other documentaries), Disney's Mickey Mouse (Lego Baby)
213.Starfreak61davee123What color was the first LEGO train track?Blue
214.davee123Count BlacktronWilla the Witch went by what name in the UK?Hubble Bubble
215.Count Blacktrondavee123Name the set that was banned in the USA, and for extra credit a short and respectful explanation why it was banned.6776 Ogel Control Center, recalled because the imagery on the box depicted something reminiscant of airplanes attacking a city. Given the unfortunate proximity to September 11th, 2001, the set was recalled from stores and repackaged without the offensive artwork.
216.davee123cowboycoderAccording to the Lugnet/Peeron database of set names, there is only one pair of Lego sets whose names are anagrams of each other. One is a 1984 castle set, and the other was released in 1985. What are the sets?6022 Horse Cart and 3631 Orchestra
217.cowboycoderNobody (stumper!)You can answer this partly; With a summer treat, If you turn about. Harold may end up with one; I see triple, In colours three. This is may be hardest to find, especially in the snow.Part 390, pigtail hair.
Kind of vague. "Harold" referrs to set 1066 (only set to include all 3 colors of the element), same year as "King Harold" of England. Unsure how "summer treat" relates. Snow referrs to the difficulty of finding the *white* color of the piece, which only appeared in two known sets.
218.Andrewdavee123How many pieces are in set: 7236 (City Line)?59 or 61 (box printing differs from Lego's website)
219.davee123Nobody (stumper!)What set was the first to be recalled by Lego, and in what year was the recall issued?2093 Ladybird, released in 1997 and recalled in 1998
220.davee123ellerbGive the name or number (or both) of the set pictured here1593 Lever Bros Space Set
221.ellerbCount BlacktronPost the name, number and year of this setLEGO Idea Book, 697-1, 1997
222.Count Blacktrondavee123Name Governor Broadside's second in command and where might ye find him?Lieutenant de Martinet, in Eldorado Fortress (6276)
223.davee123Nobody (stumper!)According to Peeron, what was the first set to contain both a minifigure and a grey technic gear?7866-1 - Level Crossing with Electric Gates, in 1983
224.davee123ellerbIdentify this piece, and at least one set it came in:That is the maxifig headdress with feather which was in set 215 Red Indians (x773)
225.ellerbdavee123Name this element and alteast one set that it came in:200, Rack Winder Axle, found in 6953 Cosmic Laser Launcher
226.davee123ellerbWhat vehicle does the Rock Raiders "Chief" command?The LMS Explorer
227.ellerbdavee123This LEGO postcard features a famous set on the other side. Name the set!375/6075 Classic Yellow Castle
228.davee123ellerbIn 1981, Lego paid a large amount in the UK for the remaining rights to what toy?Hilary Fischer Page's Kiddicraft "Self-Locking Building Bricks", the forerunner to Lego bricks
229.ellerbdavee123Name all of the western town buildings that LEGO has made into sets.Bank, General Store, Hotel, Jail, Pony Express, Sherrif's Office, Saloon, Wells Fargo
230.davee123vader17How many pieces were used in the Lego company's life-size model of the Volvo XC90?201,425 pieces
231.vader17Count Blacktronwhat were the two sets in legos arctic line that had the smallest amount of peices?6577/6626, Snow Scooter/Snowmobile (20 pieces), also arguably 6578 Polar Explorer (21 pices)
232.Count Blacktrondavee123Who is the fearsome chief of the Islanders?King Kahuka
233.davee123cowboycoderAccording to the Lugnet set database, there are only two set names which are palindromes. One is "Anna", which was used for set 2953 in 2001. The other was used as the name of a town set released between 1980 and 1990. What's the other set name that's a palindrome?Race Car, used in 6609, and arguably in 1517, 1631, and 1693
234.cowboycoderdavee123You have in your hand a copy of 886 Space Buggy, and have it as pictured on the box front. How many times can you read the word 'Lego'?13 if the minifig is standing off the buggy, 9 if seated
235.davee123Count BlacktronWhat set contained the most horses?6055, Prisoner Convoy, with 5 horses
236.Count Blacktrondavee123Answer me these questions three and then the winner will you be: Some call them wands, Some call them lightsabers, Others may have them for big gun lasers. But how many would you get, And in also what flavors, If you opened this set, And did it diagonally?4,TrRed,TrNeonGreen,TrLtBlue,TrPink,4723-1 Diagon Alley
237.davee123ellerbWhich of the following were Fabuland animals? Bear, Crocodile, Fox, Giraffe, Goat, Lion, Parrot, Rhino, Turtle, WalrusBear, Crocodile, Fox, Goat, Lion, Parrot, Walrus
238.ellerbdavee123What is the US patent number for the 2x4 9 Volt plate and when was it patented?Patent 4,743,202, filed April 3, 1986, and approved May 10, 1988
238.davee123ellerbThe Lego Company held a vote to see what to select as their next Lego Legend. Which 5 sets were the valid options? Which came in first? And which came in second?Black Seas Barracuda (#1), Black Falcon's Fortress (#2), Main Street, Battrax, Classic Yellow Castle (#5)
239.ellerbCount BlacktronWhich set(s) included a forestman (or dark forestman) but did not include a quiver?Crusader's Cart (1877)
240.Count BlacktronellerbHow many colors can you buy a 2x2x2 ale barrel in?8 (sets include 7 colors)
Slightly ambiguous question. "Can you buy" might imply other venues other than sets.
241.ellerbdavee123Which two sets had the smallest sailing vessels in the Pirates Theme? (Cloth Sails, non Duplo, non Juniors sets)6267, 6273, 6277?
Ambiguous as to how to determine "smallest" (piece count, hull length, etc), other possible answers include 6262 (lowest piece count in a cloth-sailed boat) and 6261 (shortest bow length in a cloth-sailed boat).
242.davee123FilmmakerPaulLuck, Speed, or Strength? Which would a shovel give you? And how much would it give you?+2 Luck, from the Adventurers Orient Expedition game
243.FilmmakerPauldWhisperWhat's this guy's name?Canopus
244.dWhisperdavee123By area, what is the largest un-modified "brick" block ever offered by LEGO, how big is it, and how many sets has it been used in?Brick 12 x 24, 192mm x 96mm, which came in at least 14 sets
245.davee123ellerbWhat set contained the most minifig bicycles?1063 Community Workers with 9 bikes
246.ellerbdavee123When LEGO was designing its first Duplo rattle, what did the test parents suggest as an improvement? Also what did they not like about the original design?The design group added handles based on mothers' comments/advice. It would seem that the test group of mothers disliked the prototypes because they were too large and heavy.
247.davee123Nobody (stumper!)Lots of us have seen the new 7905 Building Crane, which comes with a small outhouse for minifigs, complete with toilet. But can you name another set which included both a minifig and a toilet?261-1 Bathroom, a Homemaker set from 1979
248.davee123ellerbWhat Blacktron set was not released in Europe?6741-1 Blacktron Super Vehicle or 6954 Renegade
249.ellerbdWhisperList all of the castle sets that were only released in Canada.6002 Castle Figures, 6103 Knights, 0016 Castle Mini-Figures
250.dWhisperdavee123What are the advertised dimensions for set 7905: Building Crane26" (68cm) tall, with a boom that extends to 26" (68cm)
251.davee123kotorfan2000What is the name of the Scala dalmation, seen here?Domino
252.kotorfan2000davee123If you added up all the Alpha team Dashes, how many would there be?3 different Dashes in 8 sets (or 9 if you count 65118)
253.davee123readybreak56What is the longest all-plastic Lego element?50 x 50 Baseplate
254.readybreak56dWhisperWhen was the first Lego train system released?1966
255.dWhisperdavee123What set did I appear in, what year was it released, and how many pieces did it come with?7243 Construction Site, released in 2005, 298 pieces.
256.davee123Jake_SnicketWhat breakfast cereal featured edible Galidor shapes?Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries
257.Jake_Snicketdavee123Name the first largest tire producer in the worldLego
(Question actually tried to be sneaky and said "LEGO is the second largest tire producer in the world. Name the first. Note: Trick Question")
258.davee123Nobody (stumper!)According to the trading card game, what is the highest statistic for Lord Vladek, and what's his lowest?32 (cards 39 and 40), and 59 (card 99)
259.davee123ellerbWhat professional sports trophy was made out of Lego and presented in 2003?The Stanley Cup
260.ellerbdavee123Which set contained the most magic wand elements?5399 Fairy Tale Accessories
261.davee123ellerbThe famed white pigtail hair piece appeared in a run-of-the-mill catalog long after it was discontinued. In the picture, what color torso does she have, and what is she carrying?A white torso, carrying a suitcase (1986 US catalog, 1991 Eur Catalog, and a few others with duplicate pictures)
262.ellerbdavee123What is the product number of the Knight T-Shirt sold by Shop at Home in the mid 1980's?T-8 (or T-9 as a misprint one year)
263.davee123ellerbWhat set contained the most minifig ghost shrouds?Dacta Spare Parts for Amusement Park set (10 ghost shrouds). Set number is indeterminate, but one of 2000661, 970661, 970076, or 4203802. SKU 5702014310049
264.ellerbdavee123With which 1980's LEGO set could you pump gas, buy groceries, and mail a letter all at the same location?3675 General Store
265.davee123ellerbWhat scale of Lego figure was first introduced in 1986?The technic action figure
-.ellerbInvalid/StrickenList all of the LEGOLAND Town sets including vehicles that minifigures could not fit in. These sets came with minifigures167-1, 377-1, 540-2, 554-1, 556-1, 558-1, 600-2, 602-1, 604-1, 606-1, 608-2, 620-1, 641-1, 643-1, 644-2, 670-1, 671-1, 673-1, 674-1, 1589-1, 1620-2, 6600-1, 6602-1
More than 10-part question
266.davee123ellerbName 4 circular ring shaped Lego sprues.Scala Clip-on Accessories, Scala Flowers, Sports Hockey Masks, Castle Plumes, Cattle Horns, Minifig Tool Rings
267.ellerbNobody (stumper!)List all of the minifig LEGOLAND Pirates sets with pirate rafts (not Islander Rafts).1713/1733, 1788, 6234, 6248, 6257, 6260, 6261, 6273, 6296
268.ellerbufjasonName at least 2 promotional sets produced specifically for companies selling chocolate milk.4051 NesQuik Rabbit, 4049 NesQuik Promotional Set, 1620-2 Chocomel Factory
269.davee123ellerbOther than the well-known white-pigtail piece, and the half-white, half-black "Two-Face" hair piece, name two more sets with plastic molded white hair.5808, 5812, 5825, 5964, 5827
270.ellerbNobody (stumper!)If you were a child living in the United States in the late 1980's and applied for the LEGO Builder's Club, what exactly would you recieve each year?4 issues of the club magazine, A special Birthday Package, A Membership Card and Certificate
271.ellerbsergeant-personWhat difference or error is found in USA catalog pictures of set 5176 that is not found in the European catalogs?The US catalog of 5176 does not include a picture of piece 4474, but instead had 4228
272.AndrewNobody (stumper!)Where were the components made for set 7015?-no answer given-
273.Andrewkotofan2000How many pieces in set: 6209, and how many minifigs?537 pieces, 5 figures (counting Han Solo)
274.Joedwardforceman9530How many pieces in and how big is 10106 Snowflake?105 pieces and 9 inches by 9 inches or 22.86 cm by 22.86 cm
Player # Answered # Stumpers # Asked
CommanderJake 37 2 43
ellerb 24 12 35
davee123 27 7 36
dWhisper 23 1 24
Starfreak61 21 0 25
Jayfo 11 0 10
vader17 10 0 8
obi-wan-stefan 9 0 9
Count Blacktron 8 0 7
D1 6 1 6
ajcross123 5 2 6
Chris Was Here 6 0 7
Houndis 5 0 4
R2-MB2AstromechMechanic 4 1 8
Wonko the Sane 3 1 5
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