Dave's Magical Lego Hat
My apartment is strewn with Lego. It is virtually impossible be in my apartment and be out of arms reach of Lego bricks in some form or another. The result being that the temptation to build at any given time is rather irresistable for me. I see bricks, I must build.

One day, while watching TV, I was (of course) within reach of a bevy of technic pieces. My hands busily built things completely unbeknownst to my mind, which was engulfed in whatever unmemorable program happened to be on at the time.

Apparently, my hands do not find my head favorable. They slowly constructed several flexible constraining bars with which to entrap my unwitting cranial cavity. Suprisingly enough, they even were able to size up the head with little to no resistance from the head itself. After a short time, they had constructed the skeleton of a trap, and engulfed the head within it.

With the TV program done, the head snapped back to reality only to discover its predicament. Helpless, it could do nothing but wait for help to arrive. Meanwhile, a victory celebration was held by the fingers who felt their dominance growing. Their years of servitude to the brain were over.

Much to the relief of the head, my girlfriend showed up. The head pleaded with her to release it from the trap... But much to the head's embarrassment, she simply laughed. She then decided she would aid me in my prediciment, only if she were allowed pictures of the event, and only if those pictures were made public.

The head plans vengence.