Mon 18910407 Ole Kirk Christiansen is born
Ole Kirk Christiansen is born
Tue 19200706 Godfred Kirk Christiansen is born
Godfred Kirk Christiansen is born
Sat 19320910 The company that would be LEGO is founded
The LEGO company is founded by Ole Kirk christiensen. The LEGO name came two years later.
Sat 19341201 The company Ole Kirk Christiensen founded in 1932 becomes LEGO
The company Ole Kirk Christiensen founded in 1932 becomes LEGO.
Fri 19420403 Fire destroys the LEGO factory
When a factory fire destroyed the LEGO factory and it's content in 1942, Ole rebuilt all the production models himself to get the company back up and running.
Sat 19471227 Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen is born
Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen is born
Sat 19540501 LEGO was officially registered as a trademark
The word LEGO was officially registered as a trademark in Denmark
Tue 19580128 The LEGO Brick patent is filed
The original LEGO brick with its stud-and-tube coupling system is born
Tue 19580311 Ole Kirk Christiansen dies
Ole Kirk Christiansen dies
Fri 19680607 Legoland Park in Billund is opened
Legoland Park in Billund is opened, in which 3,000 people visit on the opening day
Tue 19931221 The USENET newsgroup is created
The voting ended on December 21st 1993 for the creation of the new newsgroup charter: To provide a forum for the discussion of all things and experiences relating to the Lego(tm), Duplo(tm) and compatible construction toys. Including interesting models that one has built, experiences one has had using legos, or questions about how to build particular components.
Wed 19950614 Acronym "AFOL" is first used
Matthew Verdier first coins the acronym AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), noting that it sounds like "A FOOL".
Sun 19960602 First Cool Lego Site of the Week
Ed Boxer's LEGO Castle wins the first Cool Lego Site of the Week.
Fri 19961213 First Bring Your Favorite Minifig To Work Day
Before becoming an annual event, people are encouraged to bring their favorite minifigs to work (or school) all on the same day.
Fri 19970725 James Jessiman passes away
The worldwide community of LEGO fans lost a bright light in the passing of James Jessiman, creator of the LDraw file format and original LDraw program
Sun 19980419 (BrickShelf) begins hosting instruction and catalog scans
Kevin Loch opens his personal website up to hosting scans of LEGO instructions and catalogs from the past.
Fri 19980918 LUGNET goes live
LUGNET, a Lego community site is launched, featuring a heirarchy of newsgroups, and allowing email subscriptions and a web interface.
Fri 19990205 German AFOL forum goes online
German LEGO Fan Forum goes online, founded by Michael Schian (became part of in 2000)
Thu 19990304 BayLUG is named!
AFOLs in the San Francisco Bay area agree on a new name for their club, and establish a website!
Sat 19990320 Legoland California opens
The first Legoland outside of Europe opens in Carlsbad, California.
Mon 19990705 Idea for Jambalaya first proposed
Todd Lehman pitches the idea of a traveling box of Lego where people can trade their less desirable pieces, resulting ultimately in the Jambalaya boxes.
Wed 19990707 goes online
LDraw website goes online
Wed 19990714 MLCAD Released
Michael Lachmann releases a new LEGO CAD program, MLCAD, for creating and editing LEGO DAT models.
Tue 19990810 First NELUG Meeting
NELUG has its first meeting in Melrose, MA with 5 members attending.
Wed 19990901 Datsville is born!
Following the desire for a community DAT project, John VanZwieten launches the Datsville project, first known as LCadville.
Fri 19990924 Tom McDonald discovers spamcake
Tom McDonald discovers spamcake. Its importance was unrealized... until later.
Fri 19991022 MIT MindFest
One of the first national gatherings for AFOLs in the USA, the MIT MindFest was the inspiration for the first BrickFest event in 2000. The event was held at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA. MindFest's primary goal was to serve educators working with LEGO, but a high degree of AFOL participation gave the event an additional LEGO hobbyist focus.
Wed 19991027 From Brick to Bothans goes online
From Bricks to Bothans, a Star Wars LEGO fansite, goes online.
Sun 19991128 goes online
German website goes online, though the domain name was registered January, 6th in 2000.
Thu 19991209 Brad Justus announces LEGO Direct on LUGNET
Brad Justus introduces himself and the newest venture from LEGO to reach out to the LEGO community and open dialog between the company and it's fans.
Fri 20000114 LEGO begins offering bulk ordering
LEGO Direct is pleased to announce that bulk sales from LEGO
Wed 20000119 The idea for Castle World is proposed
Pawel Nazarewicz posits the idea of having a large LEGO-castle themed site, which received its name some 3 days later on Jan 22nd by co-creator Craig Hamilton.
Sat 20000122 DixieLUG is founded
DixieLUG is founded, first meeting in in Macon, GA
Thu 20000210 Brickshelf announces public galleries
Kevin Loch announces that BrickShelf will host people's images for free!
Sun 20000312 BayLTC Established
BayLTC is founded-- a club for LEGO train enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay area.
Fri 20000331 Train April Fools Prank
One of the most successful April Fools hoaxes, Ben Beneke releases a fake 2001 train catalog with many enticing models that got fans drooling.
Fri 20000331 The Guild of Bricksmiths is announced
The Guild of Bricksmiths is announced-- a select group of hobbyists designing custom LEGO model kits.
Fri 20000609 Brickfest 2000
Brickfest 2000 was held on June 9 to June 11 on the campus of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. The lead organizer was Christina Hitchcock. Approximately 60 people attended.
Fri 20000609 Mark Sandlin unveils the SpiffCraft
Mark Sandlin gives us one more little update that becomes one of the most recognizable crafts in the history of .space.
Mon 20000619 BrickBay launches
BrickBay launches as an online marketplace dealing exclusivly in LEGO.
Sat 20000805 The Galactic Shipyard goes online
Jon Palmer launches the Galactic Shipyard for profiling hugh ships
Mon 20000904 Brickwise Shopping Report goes online @ LUGNET
Brickwise Shopping Report goes online @ LUGNET
Tue 20001017 LEGO Shop@Home goes online
LEGO begins online purchasing through Shop@Home.
Wed 20001206 LEGO announces its plans for bulk ordering
LEGO announces its nondescript plans for what would eventually become bulk ordering and LEGO Factory. Fans rejoice at the prospect.
Wed 20001220 BrickFilms Launched
Jason Rowoldt announces a new site, BrickFilms, dedicated to keeping track of Lego movies across the internet.
Wed 20010110 Fleebnorks introduced
Mark Sandlin introduces the world to Fleebnorks
Sat 20010203 LEGO Train Summit held in NYC with LEGO Direct
In 2001 a small group of Train AFOLs from around the United States where invited to meet with some folks from Lego Direct ( Brad Justus, Peter Andersen, Jorn Kristian Thomsen, Jake McKee and Steven Hawco ) in New York city and talk about the future of LEGO trains.
The attendees included John Neal GMLTC Steve Barile PNLTC Conan Collopy - GMLTC John Gerlach GMLTC James Mathis - PNLTC Dan Parker PNLTC Larry Pieniazek poly-LTC Mike Poindexter - BAYLTC James Trobaugh - NGLTC
Fri 20010608 Legends Line Announced
Brad Justus announces the first Lego Legend, set 10000 Guarded Inn.
Sat 20010721 BZ Community Launches
A new forum for Bionicle fans is launched.
Fri 20010810 Kanohi-Power Starts
Michael Edwards and Christian Gemunden announce a new Bionicle fan site,
Wed 20010815 Brickfest 2001
Brickfest 2001 was held in August on the campus of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. The lead organizer was Christina Hitchcock. Approximately 150 people attended.
Wed 20010822 Lego showcases Monty Python "Camelot" video
As part of Lego's Studios campaign, Brad Justus announces the professionally done animation of Monty Python's "Camelot" song.
Sun 20010826 Fibblesnork domain goes rogue
The Fibblesnork domain name expires and is purchased by web squatters, who link the URL to adult content.
Wed 20011003 Brick Testament goes online
Brendan Powell Smith announces the start of his Brick Testament project. The BT has received extensive media attention beyond the AFOL community and has resulted in three published books.
Fri 20011214 Lego Announces the My Own Creation Series
Lego formally announces a new line of sets designed by fans, starting with Daniel Siskind's Blacksmith Shop, #3739.
Mon 20020128 BrickBay becomes BrickLink
BrickBay changes its name to BrickLink after a dispute with online auction site eBay.
Fri 20020208 Jon Palmer's Alphabet Project
Jon Palmer's Alphabet Project displays that small can also mean elegant. Fighters can take the same design and planning as large capital ships.
Tue 20020625 BrickShelf Imposes Moderation
Thanks to some inappropriate content being posted, BrickShelf starts requiring content to be moderated before becoming public.
Thu 20020718 Little Armory's First Offering
Jeff Byrd begins offering custom Star Wars guns through, beginning the Little Armory.
Fri 20020719 Brickfest 2002
Brickfest 2002 was held in August 2002 on the campus of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. The lead organizer was Christina Hitchcock. Approximately 180 people attended.
Sat 20020720 BZPower Launches
The Bionicle fan sites Kanohi-Power and BZ Community join forces to become
Fri 20020726 The Moonbase Project is Born
The moonbase project created an easy to follow standard that would allow builders from around the world to build separate "modules" that could be connected seamlessly in a large Moonbase layout. The idea was an instant hit. Moonbase modules were being created within days and after only 2 months the first massive Moonbase layout was put together across the country at a LEGO fan convention in Seattle.
Thu 20020808 Yoda Eyes Prank
Troy Cefaratti posed a fake LEGO set by Ken Koleda entitled Yoda Eyes and fooled quite a few people with this silly prank
Sat 20030104 Bricks Magazine Announced
Bricks was to be the first LEGO fan magazine ever published... created by the
LEGO fan community for the LEGO fan community. The announcement was made by Matt Gerber on behalf of BrickMedia, LLC.
Sun 20030209 COLTC Founded
The Central Ohio Lego Train Club was founded on this day by Paul Janssen, John Bucy and others.
Fri 20030214 BricksWest 2003
BricksWest 2003 is held in Carlsbad California, organized by Matthew Gerber.
Fri 20030214 First ISD Team Build
A team of 13 AFOLs at BricksWest built the 10030 ISD in 103 minutes, starting a trend at LEGO events trying to break the existing record for fastest team build.
Mon 20030217 International LEGO Train Club Organization (ILTCO) goes public
A briefing was presented at BricksWest which outlined the charter of ILTCO.
Mon 20030317 Bricks Magazine Charter Subscription Offered
Bricks Magazine Charter Subscription - USD12 for 6 issues was offered.
Matt Gerber made the announcement as Editor-in-Chief of Bricks Magazine.
Tue 20030401 MOCpages goes online
MOCpages web site goes online
Sat 20030503 Eastern Block is Born
The Eastern Block sub theme is born when Chris Giddens creates the ZOG-31
Tue 20030520 Bricks Magazine Delayed
Tim Courtney, posting on behalf of BrickMedia, LLC announced that there were delays in the production of the preview issue of Bricks Magazine, and that the first full issue was to have been available mid-summer 2003.
Fri 20030620 LEGO Road Show
The 2003 LEGO Road Show kicked off with a practice run in Enfield, CT, before touring North America. AFOL representatives from NELUG were present (rather last minute) to help demonstrate to the company what might be expected from participating enthusiasts.
Fri 20030808 Brickfest 2003
Brickfest 2003 was held in August 2003 on the campus of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. The lead organizer was Christina Hitchcock. Approximately 220 people attended. The first public expo drew about 1000 people.
Mon 20030915 Classic-Castle goes online
Classic-Castle, a LEGO Castle resource and fan site, goes online.
Sun 20030921 3vil Emerges from Deep Space
3vil Emerges from Deep Space
Tue 20031118 LEGO Acknowledges A Changed Color Palette
Jake McKee confirms the change in colors that Lego enthusiasts had just discovered days earlier. He states that products from 2004 onward will use the new color palette, including new grays, as well as some other colors (the other major one not announced at this point being brown).
Wed 20031119 First Colossal Castle Contest
Classic-Castle announces the first Colossal Castle Contest, encouraging castle MOCs both small and large.
Tue 20031223 Travis Kunce passes away
Space loses Travis Kunce, one of our best and brightest.
Fri 20040220 Brickfest 2004 PDX
BrickfestPDX was held in February 2004 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. It was the first Brickfest to be held outside Virginia. Approximately 200 people attended. The public expo drew about 1200 people.
Wed 20040303 MALUG Forum goes online
The website for Hungarian AFOLs goes on line.
Wed 20040505 LEGO Locks Colors and Finalizes Color Change
After much debate and many AFOL objections, the changing of three of Lego's colors becomes final according to Jake McKee. They are light gray, dark gray and brown.
The term 'Bley' becomes almost universally recognized to indicate this changing of the greys.
Sat 20040508 First MALUG meeting
First MALUG meeting with 4 attendees.
Mon 20040628 The L PRIZE is announced
Tim Courtney, Contest Director of the L Prize, announced the "L PRIZE ": a new and exciting open competition that was to be officially launched at SIGGRAPH 2004, and concluded in February 2005.
The L PRIZE was to foster advances in LEGO CAD technologies by stimulating competition and bringing the contestants and the user communities together.
Fri 20040813 Brickfest 2004
Brickfest 2004 was held on the campus of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia from 08/12/04 to 08/14/004. The lead organizer was Christina Hitchcock. Approximately 250 people attended. The public expo drew about 2000 people.
Thu 20041021 Kjeld Steps Down
LEGO announces that Kjeld Kristiansen is stepping down from his role in the management of the company, and Jorgen Vig Knudstorp is taking over as the new CEO.
Sun 20041107 Russian community DoubleBrick goes online
That was a day, then the first Russian AFOL community goes online.
Sun 20041219 Classic-Space Forum goes online
Classic-Space Forum goes online
Thu 20050106 LEGO Ambassador program announced
Jake Mckee heralds the creation of the LEGO Ambassadors, as a group to help foster communication between the fan community and the LEGO company.
Sat 20050423 Star Destroyer Speed Build Tournament - Celebration III
At Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, Indiana, a team of 8 AFOL's and 2 kids win first place in a single elimination tournament. The objective is to build the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer faster than the competing team. Eight teams start on April 22. The "Indy AFOL Knights" finish their 3rd ISD the next day to take first place.
Wed 20050622 First issue of BrickJournal
Joe Meno releases the first ever BrickJournal issue in a free, downloadable format.
Wed 20050713 LEGO sells ownership of Legoland parks
LEGO announces its sale of majority ownership of the Legoland theme parks to the Blackstone group.
Mon 20050725 The Brothers Brick Begins
The Brothers Brick, a new Lego blog starts commenting on all things LEGO.
Fri 20050812 Brickfest 2005
Brickfest 2005 was held on the campus of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia from 08/12/04 to 08/14/004. The lead organizer was Christina Hitchcock. Approximately 330 people attended. The public expo drew about 3000 people. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen owner of the LEGO Group and grandson of the founder, attended. Jake McKee and Mark Hansen announced the release of LEGO Digital Designer. With Lego Digital Designer, customers can design custom sets online, and LEGO will pack it up and send it them.
Thu 20050915 PennLUG is founded
PennLUG is formed, first meeting in York, Pennsylvania
Thu 20051117 Bill Swanberg arrested
Bill Swanberg was arrested after stealing more than $200,000 worth of LEGO from Target stores by replacing barcodes.
Thu 20060330 Ambassadors reveal the end of 9V Trains
LEGO Ambassador Eric Kingsley reveals some of LEGO's plans for 9V Trains to the community, starting what would later be named the Save 9V Trains movement among fans.
Wed 20060614 MechaHub goes live
Bryce McGlone announces a new site dedicated to LEGO Mecha
Sat 20060617 LUGNET hosting changes
Administration of LUGNET formally passes from Todd Lehman to Rene Hoffmeister.
Fri 20060825 Brickfest 2006
Brickfest 2006 was held at the Sheraton Premiere at Tyson's Corner, Virginia. The lead organizer was Joe Meno. There were approximately 420 people in attendance. The public expo drew about 3500 people. This was the first Brickfest since the launching of Lego Mindstorms NXT, and many of the MUP and MDP members were there to talk about it. Allan Bedford, author of The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide, was also there, signing copies of his book.
Fri 20061020 LEGO Recalls Truck
One of the few recalls in LEGO history, LEGO decides to recall the 3509 LEGO Explore Super Truck. The truck's wheels were found to detach more easily than expected, revealing a dangerous metal axle.
Wed 20061129 LEGO Millyard Unveiled
The LEGO Millyard Project, a collaboration between AFOLs and LEGO, is officially completed and unveiled with sponsors Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Dean Kamen.
Fri 20070330 Brickfest 2007
Brickfest 2007 was held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon from 03/30 to 04/01. This was originally slated as Brickfest PDX 2007, but relabled as simply Brickfest 2007 when the August convention was cancelled.
Mon 20070611 Eric Brok passes away
Eric Brok, a Dutch AFOL active in De Bouwsteen, succumbed to the effects of cancer. Eric was an early pioneer in the on-line community with his site LEGO on my Mind, one of the first LEGO Ambassadors, and designer of the set 10190, Market Street.
Wed 20070620 goes online
Stajinaria, an adult-oriented LEGO forum, goes online. It was created as a response to going down.
Wed 20070620 JLUG goes down, the adult oriented LEGO site, went down due to a database failure.
Thu 20070621 Brickworld 2007
The first Brickworld event took place in Wheeling, Illinois June 21-24. The head event coordinators were Bryan Bonahoom and Adam Tucker. Richard Stollery was the keynote speaker.
Sat 20070714 Brickshelf dies
The AFOL community was thrown into confusion when Brickshelf, the most prominent community site for displaying images of MOCs, seemed to die. Upon accessing the site, the following message appeared: "Brickshelf has discontinued operation. We apologize for any inconvenience."
Fri 20070720 Brickshelf revives
After a week of furious activity in the community, Brickshelf is officially resurrected.
Wed 20070822 Next-Gen goes up
A TFOL building site goes up.
Mon 20071001 LEGO officialy announces end of 9V train system
LEGO announced final decision to end manufacture of the 9 volt train system with electrified rails.
Sat 20071124 LAML Radio #1
LAML Radio publishes its first interview.
Sat 20071208 HispaBrick 2007
The 1st AFOL event in Spain, it was held in December 8 and 9.
Mon 20080128 Google honors the LEGO brick's 50th anniversary
A LEGO brick-inspired 'Doodle' appears today on the Google homepage to the mark the 50th anniversary of the world-famous creative building brick.
Thu 20080619 BrickWorld 2008
BrickWorld 2008 kicks off in Wheeling, IL.
Fri 20080829 BrickFair 2008
BrickFair 2008 begins, hosted at the Sharaton Premiere in Tysons Corner, VA.
Thu 20081002 BrickCon 2008
BrickCon is held at the Seattle Center in Seattle, WA.
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