Dave's Lego Site

Welcome to Dave's pitifilly done web-site. It shall improve. Check back.. um... sometime

Anyway, this is my site. It is NOT sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with the Lego Company. I'm just some nut who happens to love modelling with Lego bricks.

I haven't spent much time this website yet... mostly I'm just throwing pictures together that I want out there, but I need a nicer way to display them than just pointing everyone to an image directory. So here are some things I've got pictures of:
- My Lego AT-AT The AT-AT!
- Mindfest pictures The Mindfest!
- Lego scale model of Indian Hill Arts Building
- A minifig scale Steinway piano
- My 1st little village
- My 2nd bigger village
- My section of a walled city
- The newer gate house of the walled city
- The TCS castle display "dry run"
- My 1st mech!
- Some less standard buildings for my village
- My preliminary layout of my village
- The finished village!
- Pictures from the Greenburg Train Show
- A Green Line Subway Car (version 1)
- Pictures from the 2nd Greenburg Train Show
- The new castle in production

I've also written a few handy tools:
- A Lego Scale Converter for Lego, minifig, and technic scaling.
- For all you Brikwars fans, here's a little trooper scorer I wrote to more easily keep score of your units.

Oh yes, and just because I made this available for my own purposes, you can now see my 99% accurate setlist:
All my sets & lots (that I know of)
Some summaries & statistics

Like anything you see? Hate it? Let me know! Mail me!