Lego Geek Code
Adapted somewhat by David Eaton based on Derek Schin's most recent version

You may have seen 'Geek Code' before. It usually looks like some sort of gibberish appended to the end of someone's email or news posting. And usually it's got to do with some fairly geeky type stuff, like whether they use emacs or vi, UNIX or LINUX, or some such garbage that us Lego fans for the most part couldn't care less about. Well, now's your chance to get them back with Lego Geek Code. And you can let everyone know how you feel about Lego issues, particular themes, etc. (Provided they know how to interpret it!)

Lego Geek Code (LGC) should always start with "LEGO: ". After that, specific codes are added in (usually uppercase letters), and separated by whitespace. Each of these codes represents a different opinion that you may have about something Lego related. Most of these codes look like: "LS++" or "A---". The more + signs you see, the more you like/agree with something, the more - signs you see, the less you like/agree with something.

If your opinion varies from (for example) "MOC-" to "MOC+++", you can write "MOC-/+++"
If you have no opinion on something, you can put an "@" sign after it. For example "S@" instead of, say someone else, who might put "S++".
If you WANT something more, but don't do it/have it currently, you can precede the rating with a ">" symbol. For example, "LS>+++" would mean "I want to sort my Lego this way (+++), but I don't yet.".

If you don't really care about one aspect or another, you'd probably do best just to skip over it and leave it out of your code. That way, you don't have to give your opinion on EVERY theme, and on anything else you don't want to bother answering. Of course, you can if you want. You just may end up with a huge LGC :)

This website has a tool to interpret LGC, and it doesn't really care what order you put things in (or even if you put them in multiple times). But for the most part, just to be nice, try and follow the order given here, just so we can try to have some more consistent codes.


Themes are probably the most complex part of the LGC. Let's get them out of the way first. (They also go first too-- go figure.)

First, select a theme (see theme table below). Now rate it:
---I had a friend once who liked this theme. This friend is no more.
--I can't stand this theme. I refuse to have anything to do with it.
-I won't buy it, but I have nothing against anyone else buying it.
This theme's ok, but I don't own any. Maybe someday.
+I own a couple of 'em.
++I like this theme. It's got some cool stuff.
+++I'm trying to be complete in this theme. I buy just about whatever I can from it.
++++They make OTHER themes?
+++++All Other themes are the residue from the dust on the dirt spit upon by the slave monkeys of the trumpeters in the caravan of Grecian Gods carrying the All-Holy pedestal upon which this Theme resides.

By the way-- don't worry if you don't match the description perfectly. You might like a theme a little bit and therefore want to rate it at "+", even if you don't have any. Don't worry. Go right ahead. Think of the explanations given here as general guidelines. Your specifics may vary. Anyway, you should now have something like: "LEGO: AQ++" (AQ = Aquazone, see table below for the complete list)

If you've got a favorite set in this theme, put its number in parentheses: "LEGO: AQ++(6195)". Try not to use the actual name of the set, since this may differ from language to language.

If you're complete in this theme, add a "c" after it. Ex: "LEGO: AQ++(6195)c". And again, it's the spirit that counts. If your definition of complete is just all the sets released in the US, or that you need every set ever made in that theme, complete with box, instructions and reciept, feel free to use that definition.

If you want to comment on the theme's subthemes, we need a subtheme 'block' to put your comments in. This block goes inside square brackets: "[" and "]". Within these brackets, you can denote your feelings on particular subthemes, much in the same way that themes are done. For example:
[as- an++(6195) hy+++c ar---]
Subtheme ratings are pretty much the same as theme ratings:
---This is the dumbest subtheme I've ever seen. Even mentioning it makes me ill. Excuse me, I have to go.
--I really don't like this subtheme at all. It's a waste of ABS.
-This subtheme never really sparked my interest. I suppose some people like it though, so it's not all bad.
I don't have any of this subtheme. I've thought about getting some once or twice, but never did.
+I have a couple sets in this subtheme.
++This subtheme had some nice pieces and designs. I like it.
+++It's really an incredible subtheme. I've got most of them.
++++If I could, I'd own this complete subtheme 3.84x10^8 times over.
+++++I wrote my doctoral thesis on the greatness of this subtheme.

Finally, if you feel the exact same on any two themes or subthemes, you can combine them using commas: "AQ,SP++" or "AQ++[an+++ ar,hy-]"

Some examples of the code so far:
LEGO: SP+++c AQ[ar,an++ hy,st--]
(I like space a lot, and am complete in it, I'm indifferent about Aquazone, I like Aquanauts and Aquaraiders, but not Hydronauts or Stingrays)
LEGO: TC,BV++ TO@(6390)
(I like Technic and Belville, but don't have any opinion on the Town theme, but my favorite set from Town is 6390)
LEGO: CA++/++++(6080)[bf++ fk--(6097)c]
(I range from liking castle to REALLY liking castle. My favorite castle set is 6080. I like the Black Falcons, but don't like Fright Knights. I'm complete in Fright Knights, and my favorite Fright Knight set is 6097.)

Maybe you're confused. If so, don't be. If you're not sure exactly what a certain code means, you're not sure if you did it right, or something, don't worry. Just for you (well, ok, for other people too), we've got the LGC interpreter. You can type in whatever you want, and it'll tell you (as best it can) what it means in Lego Geek Code. It's a great way to double check your own code or to figure out someone else's without having to go through it step by step.

Theme & Subtheme Table
diDino Island
orOrient Expedition
ATAlpha Team
BTBen 10
bfBlack Falcons
bkBlack Knights
bnBandit Ninjas
bsBlue Samurai
clClassic Castle
dfDark Forest
dmDragon Masters
emEmperor's Ninjas
feFantasy Era
fkFright Knights
lkLeo's Knights
rkRoyal Knights
CHLegends of Chima
CMCollectible Minfigures
DIDino / Dino 2010 / Dino Attack
DPDisney Princess
EFExo Force
FSFreestyle / Basic
HFHero Factory
HPHarry Potter
IJIndiana Jones
JWJurassic World
LOLord of the Rings / The Hobbit
LRLone Ranger
MFMonster Fighters
MOModular Town
MTModel Team
NXNexo Knights
iaImperial Armada (green torso)
igImperials (red torso)
soSoldiers (blue torso)
PMPower Miners
PPPrince of Persia
PQPharaoh's Quest
RBRobotics / Mindstorms
SDScooby Doo
SIThe Simpsons
fbFootball / Soccer
aqAlien Conquest
bt1Blacktron 1
bt2Blacktron 2
clClassic Space
gsGalaxy Squad
ipIce Planet 2002
lmLife on Mars
mmMars Mission
rfRobo Force
sp1Space Police 1
sp2Space Police 2
sp3Space Police 3
SRSpeed Racer
SWStar Wars
cwClone Wars
ntSequel Trilogy
otOriginal Trilogy
ptPrequel Trilogy
ucUltimate Collectors Sets
ebExpert Builder
plTech Play
rrRobo Riders
slSlizer / Throwbots
swStar Wars Technic
tcStandard Technic
TMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
adAdventure / Thrill Seekers
clGeneric Town
lcLaunch Command
reRescue / Emergency
srService / Repair
tcTime Cruisers
ttTime Twisters
TSToy Story
WVWinter Village
WWWild West

Ratings Questions

The most common part (aside from themes) in the LGC are ratings questions. That means you rate each thing on the list according to how you feel about it (or whatever) using only '+' and '-' signs. (Or '/' or '>' or '@' signs, see the very beginning). Here we go:

Number of sets
About how many sets do you have?
#0-9 (I'm just starting)
#+10-49 (a bunch)
#++50-99 (quite a bit)
#+++100-249 (a lot)
#++++250-499 (a whole lot)
#+++++500-999 (a remarkable amount)
#++++++1000+ (an insane amount)

Lego auctions are a big part of the Lego community. What do you think of 'em?
A---I block out any news group that ever had an auction posted to it ever.
A--Money-grubbing sales-mongering scum! I loathe auctions!
A-I tried an auction. Once. It was stupid.
AWhatever. I mostly just ignore them.
A+Auctions are ok. I bought a couple things once.
A++I may have run an auction once. And/or bought a bunch of stuff from them too.
A+++I pretty much always have an auction going. And/or I'm always buying from them.
A++++I financed/built my summer ranch via Lego auctions.

Set Collecting
Lots of people collect sets in order to be complete. And many buy strictly for parts. How do you collect?
CO---I won't buy sets. I only trade or buy pieces individually.
CO--I only buy sets on deep discount. Mostly I buy bricks in service packs and in part auctions.
CO-I have a couple sets. But mostly I buy sets for parts, or buy pieces specificially.
COI buy sets when they're cool, but I'll also buy parts in auctions, etc.
CO+I mostly collect sets, but occaisionally I'll pick up a service pack or parts individually.
CO++I live for sets. That's all I'll buy. But if I happen across some good pieces, I'll get 'em.
CO+++If I ever find sets that I own with missing pieces, I'll throw the rest of the set out.

Lego Modification
How sacred is a Lego brick to you? What do you think of modifying Lego elemets?
LM----I'm working on a special nuke that will destroy those who modify pieces.
LM---Does the Bible/Torah/Qu'ran not say "Thou shalt not deface a brick"?
LM--I can't figure out why people do this. It just doesn't seem right.
LM-I don't, but if you want to, go right ahead.
LMWhatever. Some cool models are made with modified bricks.
LM+I've come up with some designs that would require it.
LM++I've got a model or two with some saw marks.
LM+++There's so much you just can't do with off-the-shelf bricks!
LM++++I think I have 2 1x6 plates that I haven't modified yet. But I've been saving those for this weekend.

Sorting Lego
To what degree do you sort your Lego?
LS----I keep it all over the house, car, and office. I don't have a designated place for it.
LS---It's all in a big pile on the floor.
LS--I keep it in buckets, drawers, shoeboxes-- whatever it'll fit into.
LS-I sorted it once. I hated it.
LSMaybe someday I'll start sorting...
LS+I keep minifigs and their accessories separated, the rest is all together.
LS++Standard bricks in one box, teeny pieces in another, minifigs in another, and one box for misc pieces.
LS+++It bugs me when I find a slope in my box of arches.
LS++++That red 2x4 doesn't go in THAT red 2x4 box! Those other red 2x4's were minted in 1983! That one's clearly an '86.

(My Own Creations) Do you build stuff from a set or build your own things?
MOC----I only build sets that Lego created. I won't even build Samsonite sets.
MOC---I just build sets. I don't build any MOCs at all.
MOC--I modify official sets sometimes, but that's it.
MOC-I mostly build sets, but I've built a MOC once or twice
MOCI build both sets and MOCs pretty equally.
MOC+I build more MOCs than sets.
MOC++I mainly build MOCs, though I do enjoy sitting down and building a set sometimes.
MOC+++I build the set once, but that's only to ensure all the pieces are there.
MOC++++Instructions? How boring. I never build a set per the instructions.
MOC+++++I shield my eyes from Lego instructions. They're for whimps.

Number of pieces
About how many pieces do you have?
P<1,000 (a little bit)
P+1,000-4,999 (a big box full)
P++5,000-9,999 (a crate full)
P+++10,000-49,999 (a closet full)
P++++50,000-99,999 (a small room's worth)
P+++++100,000-499,999 (a big room full)
P++++++500,000+ (gobs and gobs)

Specialized Pieces
There's lots of specialized pieces out there, like BURPs, 1x2x5 bricks, the rope bridges, etc, etc. How do you feel about this stuff?
S-----Bricks are way too specialized. I use plates instead, and burn anything else.
S----Why do they make minifigs? Talk about a specialized piece!
S---All I buy are Freestyle sets and buckets
S--I *WOULD* have bought that set, but...
S-Is the CRAPP really necessary?
SWho cares? It's all Lego.
S+I use them without a second thought
S++I've found all kinds of uses for those specialized pieces!
S+++I scrounge up all of them I can find. I've built K2 out of BURPs.
S++++I buy sets just for the specialized pieces, and don't use the other stuff
S+++++I burn regular bricks. What else can you build with them, other than bonfires?

Other Questions

Bag Holes (H)
Easily the most important question. Why do you think Lego puts those little holes in the Lego baggies?
H!?Who cares?!
HalSo the Lego doesn't suffocate! (It's alive!)
HapIf they didn't have holes, they would explode in airplanes!
HawOK, the holes let the AIR out, so it weighs less!
HlpThe bags weigh less with holes-- cheaper to ship!
HmuIt's so the bags don't muffle that magical clinking noise.
HriSo they're easier to rip.
HrrThey're more rip resistant with holes.
HsaThink of how much money Lego saves on plastic by saving the holes!
HspThink of how much money Lego spends by making the holes!
HsuSo kiddies don't suffocate.
HzlLike some veggies, Lego wilts without exposure to air. It turns into Mega Bloks.

Membership (M)
Are you a member in a Lego club?
M+Yes! I'm a member!
M-No, I'm not a member

Virtual Lego (VL)
Do you do any work with virtual Lego? (Ex: "VLr" or "VLdw" or "VLwvr")
dI build virtual Lego models.
rI render virtual Lego models.
vI view virtual Lego models.
wI WRITE virtual Lego software.

Age and Sex
Finally, you can specify how old you are and your gender. First, simply add a "YB" to the end of your code, followed by your birth year. Ex: "YB72" or "YB1981". Next, add an "m" afterwards if you're male, or an "f" if you're female. Also, if you so desire, you can specify the age of your Inner Child. But instead, write "IC" and the age of your inner child (not you inner child's birth year!). You can also specify gender after you Inner Child's age too. Ex: "IC12f"

That's about all there is to it. Have fun!

What? You still have questions? Well, if you don't want to worry about doing all this right, we've provided a little LGC generator you can use to make your own LGC without having to scroll all around trying desperately to find what rating meant what, etc. Play well!

LGC shown here has been shamelessly stolen and adapted from Derek Schin's version of the LGC by David Eaton