Well, I just threw this page together 'cause I had too many pictures to post the urls of to lugnet... As a result, this page is huge. The pictures are huge. Sorry to those of you with 14.4 Modems :( Actually, I know it's uncouth, but feel free to look at my images dir for more pictures... there's pictures of my lego AT-AT, the MIT mindfest, a minifig scale piano I built, more pics of my little town, etc, etc. At some point I'll actually do something about that... but until then, here we go:

(Check out the new larger town too)

My first attempt at a house:

After another purchase of Rapid River villiage, I was able to build two in that color scheme... hence my first little villiage scenes:
(also see my larger pic

Watch out! You never know what can happen in a small villiage:

After that endeaver, I promptly ran out of brown 1x bricks, and any size brown plates. So I made 3 more houses with white and black:

In the late 1200's, giant cats were the among the most feared disasters that could happen to a villiage. Here we see the bane of northern Europe, "Marmalade" wreaking havoc upon the commoners (who are still smiling)

Little known fact: chickens of the dark ages were known to grow as large as 6 feet tall:

Inside a house we find absoluteoly no furnature (or windows) but we do find a nice cozy fireplace.

Well, I think that does it for now... look for more when our houses and other stuff goes on display in TCS... to see more buildings, visit Eric Kingsley's pages...