Dave's Lego AT-AT

Hi, this is Dave's really basic page for showing off his AT-AT... For now there's not too much, considering that I just threw this page together in a few minutes... It'll get better... trust me! Just give me a while

Or, if you're in a desparate rush, you can see my progress on the new pages at the NEW pages (but mostly it's just writing at this point... there are aren't any pictures yet... but there WILL be)

As proof that I've done some work on the AT-AT since last year, I've started making some DAT files for parts of the ATAT. It's also changed a bit from the design that you'll see here. Maybe instructions will happen someday :) ... And while I'm at it, here are some pictures that have been hidden away in my image dir but never linked to:
My 1st published AT-AT picture
A scene I did about 8 months ago (look for this to be remade sometime in the future)
The trench
AT-AT from the front
AT-AT and speeder
Another look at the trench
Coming up on the trench
Close up of trench head on
Yet another look at the trench
Anyway, the AT-AT's being redesigned and probably will star in another trench scene in the future... someday.

Here we see the classic side view AT-AT...

And here, a view from slightly above

Insert Interesting Caption Here

Here is Superman's X-Ray vision view of the side of the AT-AT's head

And of course the rear...

Don't ask me HOW my AT-AT got red-eye in the photo... I think it's reflecting the light on my camera... but it makes for a cool effect! (one had red-eye in the movie, too!)

Here we see imperial troops decending to attack... wait a second... Are those...?

DOH! Wrong imperial troops!

There we go, much better!

And here they are from the front...

Anyway, that's it for now... I'll update this again later so that it's got detailed pictures, and so that you can see the interior of the AT-AT, the speeder bike garage, the undercarriage, etc... But for now, that's all there is...

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