Well, here's what I've been working on lately-- it seemed like such a shame to destroy all the houses I had after the midieval TCS window display, so I decided to add some buildings and create an ENTIRE village. All told now, there are:
- 11 'standard' peasant houses
- 4 2-level 'richer' houses
- 1 2-level farmhouse
- 2 1-level stone buildings
- 1 water powered mill
- 1 barn
- 1 set of stables
- 3 little tent-shops
- 1 chicken coop
- 1 wooden bridge
- 1 small stone well

So now the task becomes assembling it-- I'd like to have the center of town have tan streets, fading to green as it goes outside the town line, with a river running by the mill, and a small farm just outside the town as well... All told, that's quite a lot of area to take up, but that's the next planned project-- who knows how long THAT'll take me... but in the meantime, here are some pictures of the buildings that'll go into the town:

Here's a shot of the completed mill, along with scenery... The waterwheel does turn on a motor, but not terribly well :( -- it falls off on occasion

Another shot of the mill

And yet another

Here's where the battery box hides to power the mill... I couldn't very easily take a picture of the mechanism, though-- not that there's much to see, just a regular gear and a worm gear...

Here's my 1st 2-level house... I rather like this one-- it looks kinda like a farmhouse or something, which is what it'll probably be when I set up the town

Another shot of the 2-level house

Here's the 2nd 2-level house... I'm not so fond of this one, just because the roof looks a little odd-- the gables that come out are a bit ugly, and I think I'd like the roof more in black rather than red...

And another shot of the red house (two 6067's)

Here's the next one I did-- I like the top of the house, but I'm not so fond of the bottom-- It's also lacking one major feature-- a chimney, which I forgot about until I was done with it.. oops... guess they'll just have to wear more sweaters

And another shot of the yellow house-- (four 6074's and 1 6086)

Here's one I rather like. I was playing around with adding some extra detail, and then saw the yellow windows lying around, so I threw 'em in...

Another shot...

This one's the only 2-level (apart from the mill) that's all stone... Must be Bill Gates' great^20 grandfather

And yet another shot of it

Here's one I decided to do just for the heck of it-- a barn. I don't really like it at all, it's mostly just a bunch of stuff that was left over that I thought might look good as a barn. It doesn't, really, but it's not hideously ugly either (IMHO)

Here's the last real 'building' I made, again with no chimney... It started out having a watchtower with the extreme blue slopes at one end, but I decided it looked too large for the remainder of the building, so I dropped the tower... Now it's... uh... a town meeting house? A storage building for grain? I dunno...

And again... this is almost a mirror image :)

After seeing Chicken Run, and seeing the little bendable roof panels, I got inspired to make a little chicken coop...

A little stable for 3 horses... not great, but not bad. At least they won't get wet :)

Here's a shot of ALL of my village buildings (except for a brown wooden bridge I made about a half hour after taking the pictures... They sit all compact onto 4 48x48 baseplates, so they'll probably take up about twice that (or more) when I assemble them into a village... I plan to have a crop field, some trees off to the sides, etc... Certainly a grand vision, if nothing else :)

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