Here's some shots of the now half completed town... the outskirts of town are basically complete, other than adding trees, bushes, peasants, animals, etc. The actual town itself is not nearly so complete. Mostly I was putting it together with baseplates, and testing to see how big I'd need it to fit all the houses without crowding them but still looking plausible. Their actual layout will probably change a lot.

The outskirts are done on 6 48x48 baseplates, which are all connected by technic pins and are easily separable (not so easily put-back-togetherable, though). Most of the greenery is 3 bricks and 1 plate high, with the tan path sunken in 1 plate, and the river sunken in 1 brick. I might add some trans-clear to the river to make it look more "river-ish" but I haven't experimented with it yet.

All told, it looks like it'll be about 144 studs by 240 studs (about 3'9"x6'4"), and that might increase a bit both widthwise and lengthwise (if I have the pieces!)

Here's the whole thing... You can see that it stretches the bounds of my Lego room :)

This is really the only part that's "completed" so far... Annoyingly because the waterwheel had to dip into the river (and I wanted the river to be sunken into the ground a bit), the rest of the ground had to be raised up around it. Makes for a nice effect, I think, but was costly in terms of bricks :(

Here's a shot of the mill and the path leading up to it from the main road

And here's the farmhouse with some of the pasture for the livestock (chicken coop will go in here later)

And finally a shot of the rest of the town-- which is really just there for scale... the layout, decorations, etc. will all be added later.

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