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5 Easy Steps to Modifying Your AT-AT Kit

Initially I thought that modifying Lego's new AT-AT set would be difficult. But strangely enough I found that I could do it fairly quickly and easily, using pieces I already had laying around the house.

1. Start by setting your AT-AT out as assembled from the instructions.
2. You'll notice first that the feet aren't quite in proportion to the rest of the model, or to proper scale. Replace the feet with new feet that are slightly larger.
3. While the new feet modification grossly improves the model and we could stop there and have a beautiful looking AT-AT, you'll notice (if you've done step 2 properly) that the legs are now forced to bow out to the sides because of the increase in foot size. Therefore, the legs must also be replaced.
4. After modifying the legs, you may see that the side guards no longer fit as intentioned. Therefore, we must tweak the body design just slightly by completely rebuilding it.
5. Although there are no more actual conflicts in design, you may want to improve on the head design slightly to give it better proportions.

Presto! Now you have an AT-AT you can be proud of! Wasn't that easy?

How does the modified AT-AT compare to the actual set? Although the differences may be hard to spot at first, a closer look reveals quite a few distinctions between the two models.

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