Dave's Lego Site

Hi, I'm Dave Eaton (AKA DaveE). And I'm a Lego nut. Over the past few years I've built all sorts of things out of and relating to Lego. This site is dedicated to showing off whatever I can of my efforts in the hopes that someone out there will find them useful or just plain neat.

See some of the things I've built (or just helped build) out of Lego bricks.

Pictures and information about events I've been to. The MIT MindFest, Greenburg Train Shows, BrickFest, and anything else remotely Lego-Related.

When in the Lego hobby, there are often quite a few tools that come in handy now and again, like converting from Lego scale into 'real' scale, or scoring a BrikWars game.

Various miscalany, like what sets do I own? How many pieces do I have?

Check out other cool Lego related(and some non-Lego related) sites on the Web that I just couldn't go on without linking to from my site.

See anything you like? Anything you hate? Got a really cool idea? Let me know! I'm always open to questions and comments.

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