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A minifig scale AT-AT (revision, oh, say 4.2), including older versions 1-4, an F.A.Q., and information on AT-AT's.

Designed as a setting for a BrikWars game, the PARV.

A minifig scale snowspeeder.

The X-wing fighter, re-told in Lego.

The Rebel Base on Hoth, including small tidbits like TaunTauns, turrets, and other greebly base details.

A Medieval Village with farmland, houses, a marketplace, water-powered mill, and more.

A small viking village.

A healthy-sized dragon

The results of squeezing a micromotor into a pod.

An attempt to cram in tank treads & motors into a pod.

A cute, articulate little rock golem design.

Trogdor & his buddies.

Mini and Micro AT-AT's and AT-ST's.

The Ice Cream Cruiser.

A Lego Dodecahedron

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