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Welcome to the Brikwars 2000 edition troop scorer. This tool is provided for Brikwars players who are already at least partially familiar with the Brikwars rules. You may wish to have a copy of the Brikwars 2000 rules handy while using this tool. For more information on Brikwars, please visit the official Brikwars homepage. If you have any questions/comments about this tool, please feel free to write me an email. Enjoy!

Please select a Tek Level:
Tek Level 0 - Stone Age - CaveMen, Clubs, Big Rox
Tek Level 1 - Tool Age - TribalMen, Short Bows, Tiki Masks, Horses
Tek Level 2 - Metal Age - Chariots, Phalanxes, Halberds, Castles
Tek Level 3 - Rennaisance Age - PirateMen, Cannons, Muskets, Cavalry, Musketeers
Tek Level 4 - Modern Age - ModernMen, Rifles, Tanx, Bombers, Radios, Cruise Missles
Tek Level 5 - Space Age - SpaceMen, Phasers, SpaceFleets
Tek Level 6 - Star Age - StarMen, DeathGuns, Energy Blades, CityStars
Tek Level 7 - Hyper Age - InterDimentionalMen, Time Machines, Sentient Planets

Tek Levels: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7