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Converter A tool to convert Lego measurements. Want to find out how many studs in a minifig scale mile? How tall you are in plates?

Vehicle Scorer Score your vehicles and platforms with the BrikWars 2001 rules.

Troop Scorer Use this nifty gizmo to score your foot troops before a BrikWars game. Uses the BrikWars 2000 rulebook for scoring rules.

Geek Code Lego Geek Code isn't widely used anymore (never quite caught on), but I made a Lego Geek Code interpreter (also shows the rules) for anyone curious out there. Some day maybe I'll make it build Geek Code (which would be more useful, I must admit)

Lego Trivia See how much you know about Lego Trivia. Trivia about sets, the community, the company history, and about everything in between.

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