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On a scale from 0-10, how much of a Lego purist do you consider yourself?

How do you feel about: Of course! I'm ok with that Iffy. Nah, too far. Blasphemy!

Raised Baseplates



Blended-color elements (multi-color BURPs, various Bionicle elements, etc)


Clone Brands (Mega Bloks, Best Lock, etc)

"New" colors (bley, dark bley, new brown)

Non-Lego common household stuff (string, rubber bands, Saran Wrap)


Fan Clones (Brick Forge, Little Armory, etc)

Fan-Modified official Lego elements (etched BrickFest badges, etc)

Fan-created stickers (Your LUG's logo, for example)

Cutting Flex-Tubing to arbitrary sizes (not-specified-by-Lego-sizes)



Modifying your own Clone elements (cutting, melting, etc Lego clone elements)

Modifying your own Lego bricks (cutting, melting, etc official Lego elements)


Modifying Official Lego stickers

Non-ABS (but solid colored) elements (new non-ABS swords, Exo-Force hair pieces, etc)

Any stickers/decals at all (Train decals, stickers you made yourself, etc)

Painting your model or elements

Non-Lego Pitsco products (toothpicks, straws, etc)

Large elements buildable from smaller ones (1x2x5 bricks, 2x6x3 bricks, etc)

Large Prefab Elements (BURPs, rope bridge, car chassis, etc)



Your own sculpted elements

Using official Lego stickers

"Unintentionally" official things (part of a Lego box, a Lego baggie, etc)

Building with virtual bricks


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