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Overall AT-ATs Base Snow-Field Other-Shots

Snowspeeders were crucial in the making of the scene. Unsatisfied with Lego's version of the model, both Shaun and I stumbled upon an excellent Snowspeeder design by Bruce Lowell. We each came up with our own variations on the design, and came up with two Snowspeeders each. Two of Shaun's (both in white) were put on the battlefield, while one of my Snowspeeders (in grey) sat in the base, the other one in the fray.

Another terrific addition to the battle was Shaun's AT-ST. The AT-ST shown here is actually the 2nd version Shaun created of the AT-ST, the previous version also appearing alongside the AT-AT's in the 1999 MindFest display.

Unfortunately, while we remained highly serious about the display, adhering to canon wherever possible; during the course of the event at BrickFest some of the minifigs got their own ideas.

A rather last-minute addition to the layout was the power generator I built. I sadly didn't quite have room for it to sit as it "should" on the layout, so it was tagged alongside the layout where there was barely enough room for it to sit. (Actually, the AT-AT's most likely didn't even approach the side of the Rebel Base with the hangar bay, I just thought it made for the most interesting as a visual model. Shame on me.)

The 80-or-so troops (and a Probe Droid by Shaun) really made for a rather intimidating effect on the rebels in the trenches. For all of us involved, it was the largest swath of Imperial Troops we had seen, and was impressive in its own right. But that wasn't enough. On the final day of the event, we were paid a visit by the legendary BLASTERMAN of FBTB fame. Jeff generously donated enough of his custom made Imperial weapons to outfit all of our troops. These added the wonderful effect of intimidation by inceneration to the rebels instead of the intimidation of having one's eardrums bursting that we had otherwise with our megaphone-armed battilion of Imperial soldiers. Thanks Jeff!

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