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Overall AT-ATs Base Snow-Field Other-Shots

The exterior trench is really what made this a difficult landscape to build. In order to have the trench "dug in" to the snow, the remaining snow field's ground level had to be raised up. While this was quite brick-spensive, I'm rather pleased with the outcome.

95% of the trench's details were built by myself. However, I again asked for Shaun's aid in coming up with a white Rebel Turret design (each turning out to be quite costly in white tiles, I might add!). Another problem was the fact that the Snowspeeder was quite a popular set. So popular that by the time I wanted to bulk up my Rebel snow troops to fill out the trench, stores no longer had Snowspeeder sets remaining. As a result, extra Rebel troops were lent to the display by NELUG members Joe Comeau and Jamie Berard. Thanks guys!

The base's interior was built according to the set designs for the Empire Strikes Back. I constructed the Rebel Base about 8 months on and off prior to the event, using up most of my regular bricks. You can see inside the hangar my X-wing and Snowspeeder models, both grey to help them stand out against their overwhelmingly white background setting. And those hangar doors? Do they close? Well, once upon a time they did (we got an mpeg video to prove it! ... somewhere). However, after riding in my car on a 10 hour journey, and being transported back and forth, the doors became jostled enough to remain fixed in place for the show.

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