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Mini Walkers

Thanks to a recent challenge, I designed an AT-AT in a 1 meter = 1 stud scale. Turned out much better than I had hoped, I'm happy to say-- and it almost matches the scale of Lego's mini AT-ST to boot. I tweaked the Lego AT-ST to size it a bit more correctly (and give it foot treads). And to any Lego employees out there with sway over the upcoming product lines: Gimme some 3x3 radar dishes in plain light grey!

But, shortly after being challenged with this version, I caught Alex Peacock's Micro AT-AT (copied here on the left). It gave me an idea for doing a slightly larger but still micro AT-AT (But I must give credit for the foot idea to Dan Boger). By the way-- Alex's teeny design is almost perfectly to scale height-wise with the Lego's ISD!

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