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Mini Motorized Pod

Completely a proof-of-concept vehicle, I became curious one night, after seeing all the pod-related creations on LUGNET. I wondered if I could squeeze a micromotor in there, and make a pod-tank. Turns out, I couldn't QUITE squeeze it into a "standard" 2-wide pod space, but a 3-wide space. And just to make it easy on myself, I widened it to 4.

So, after making this little model, I realized why stop at one micromotor? Why not go for two? As a result, I had to retool the inner workings a bit, which made the axles loose a little bit of traction. And while I could have kept the wheel "hubs" down to a minimum, the vehicle became a little sturdier by sticking axles out the sides and attaching the weels further out.

Wanna see it go? Here's a 4.8M MPEG of it in action (it's a little dark, sorry)

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