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What started one night as a test to see how big an X-Wing 'should' be turned into an attempt to get a nice version of a minifig-scale X-Wing fighter.

One thing that mildly bothered me about the Lego model of the X-Wing is that when extended, the wings have no "gap" between them where they meet the body.

In the real production models for Star Wars, a small gap is seen between the wings when they open, since (apparently) opposite wings are attached to a central pivot point inside the body. Hence, I duplicated this in my model-- so moving one wing will move its opposing counterpart.

Another disappointment with the Lego model (more disappointing in the UCS version, since presumably they had a bigger budget to go on) was the lack of landing gear. Although I'm still not pleased with the rear landing gear, I put in some semblance of it:

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