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Somewhere around 1994-95 (about age 17-18) I returned from my Dark Ages (that period of time during which one is "too cool" or "too adult" for Lego). After rebuilding and then dismantling all of my childhood sets, I was left to come up with some creations of my own.

One day, while sitting amidst my bricks, I created a foot. "Wow, that kinda looks like an AT-AT's foot! I wonder how big it would be if I made the rest of it?" What started as a foot quickly became a grey leg-- which quickly became 4 multicolored legs. At that point, there was no going back. I built the entire thing with glorious reds, blues, yellows and greys, all the time knowing I didn't have enough grey to complete the whole thing in a solid color. But after a quick purchase of some grey bulk bricks, I was able to rebuild it (the first in a long line of rebuilds) using all grey, and a multicolored, undecorated interior. The final model was finished sometime in the spring or summer of 1995.

Finally brave enough to show my then-secret creation to the world (a.k.a. my parents) I decided to make a diorama for photographing. Without the vast amount of white bricks needed to create a Lego terrain, I decided to use flour in place of snow for the scene. Great idea in theory, right? Well, it turned out a little messy. While the snow effect came out well, flour is tremendously difficult to deal with-- and it absoloutely loves to stick to the underside of bricks! (In the Empire Strikes Back model shop, they used baking soda.)

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