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The year was 1999. And with my recent introduction into the Lego community, I wanted to have something to show going in. Inspired by my past efforts, and vowing to do MUCH better, I set about making an AT-AT in the spring of 1999. At the time, lots of people were doing Star Wars creations, building up to the release of Episode I. But nobody had any AT-AT pictures online that I knew of, so I figured this would be new, different, and utterly cool.

This (sadly) blew away my previous model in terms of detail, but as you can see, it still lacked quite a bit, including a way for troops to exit (or enter!) the vehicle. On the plus side, it featured a very spacious, non-multicolored interior, unlike its predacessor. It was even accurate enough to have the correct crew positions in the cockpit.

Another feature of this one is that it features my first all-Lego snow-scheme, unlike version 1, which used a sprinkling of Lego bricks, and a whole lot of flour for snow.

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