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Frequently Asked Questions about the AT-AT

• How many pieces are in the AT-AT?
  While I haven't actually counted piece for piece, I've done a little bit of counting and a lot of estimation. My best guess is there are roughly 4,887 pieces in the current version of the AT-AT.

•  How much does the AT-AT weigh?
  Ok, this isn't actually a frequently asked question, but I wondered myself, and I weighed the AT-AT at about 10.5 pounds (4.762 kg).

•  How long did it take you to build?
  This one's always tricky to answer. The latest version was constructed and modified over the course of a year and a half, but the vast majority of construction was done in about 2 months of off-and-on building.

•  Where'd you get all the pieces?
  99% of the pieces came from my already existing collection. At the time version 4 was built I had a collection of about 100,000 pieces. The remainder of pieces were either bought from sets (like the Droid Escape set specifically for 1/4 8x8 rounded plates, or the Landspeeder set for black chairs), or purchased through BrickLink.

•  How much did it cost to build?
  Another tough one to answer. As I noted in the previous answer, I already had a lot of the pieces in my collection, so I didn't need to buy a lot of the parts. I've estimated that it would probably take between $500 and $2,000 to purchase the parts, depending on where you got them. Oh, and just out of my own curiosity, I estimated that just the plain grey tiles needed would cost a little more than $200, if purchased on BrickLink.

•  Do the knees bend?
  Short answer is "no", but the long answer is "kinda". After trying a bunch of different designs for the knees (and other leg joints), I found that nothing I could come up with was able to support the weight of the body, yet still fit within the "correct" scale. As a result, I kept the last thing I tried: Lego click-hinges. These I locked in place, so that while standing, they won't bend. However, when the legs don't need to support weight, they can bend a bit (only about 45°).

•  Can I buy your AT-AT?
  No. Well, ok, yes. I admit I'd sell out if offered enough money. But you probably would think it's too expensive. You'd be right. Seeing as how the pieces alone cost ballpark $1,250, it would cost at least that. And if you still want to buy it and that number doesn't scare you off, just drop me a note and I'll send you a price that probably will scare you off. Anyway, back to the short answer: It's not for sale.

•  How much would Lego charge for the set?
  If Lego produced it, they could certainly charge a lot less than me :) And since they generally charge $0.10 per piece (USD), probably between $400 and $500.

•  Do you have instructions for the AT-AT?
  Not yet. Maybe not ever-- that depends. I once started instructions (in DAT form) for version 4, but I stopped after modelling in MLCad started getting to be too much. I may finish them one day and release them, but not for a while yet, if so.

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