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The Assault on Hoth

Determined for my newest version of the AT-AT to go out in a "blaze of glory" before its dismantling, I began my secret plans to create a re-enactment of the battle on Hoth. But just 1 AT-AT would never do. So I enlisted the aid of Shaun Sullivan, who had an AT-AT of his own, and, as an added bonus, also had his own AT-ST.

With this in mind, I set about constructing a version of the Rebel Base upon which to lay the scene, using up a whopping 24,000 bricks (about). Together with some other details, the project was completed (nearly) in time for BrickFest 2002, where it made its debut. Combined with the AT-AT's, vehicles, troops, and scenery, this made for a display consisting of roughly 40,000 bricks.

However, dissapointed with my lack of good pictures from the event, I enlisted more help from several willing photographers who took pictures of the event, and collected over 150 images seen here. Special thanks go to Troy Cefaratti, Abe Friedman, Constantine Hannaher, Paul Hartzog, Michael Huffman, Jake McKee, Joe Meno, Shaun Sullivan, and Calum Tsang, who all let me use their images! (Note: some images have been modified in an attempt to remove discoloration, darkness, etc.)

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