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This is my most recent (and likely final) version of the AT-AT from March of 2001. All in all, I've built 4 AT-AT's 'from scratch', none of which have ever been together at the same time. If you're curious to see other versions, check out:

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 4.2 AT-AT Reference F.A.Q.

AT-AT Version 4.2

What's new in 4.2 from 4.0? Not too much that's noticeable. The feet have been "tiled over", as have the top edges of the AT-AT's front and rear sides. Also, the speeder bike garage has been revamped to accomidate a new, more accurate version of the speeder.

And what about the Hoth Layout? Like all 3 versions before it, this version also was displayed in a re-enactment of the Empire Strikes Back battle with a Hoth scene. But because of the number of pictures, and the detail that went into the newer Hoth base, it gets two pages. One for the base itself, and one for the entire layout, which made its debut at BrickFest in 2002.

The Head

The head is really the only interior section of the AT-AT ever featured in the Star Wars movies. And even then you don't get to see much of it. My version is missing a few things (like the overhead displays for the crew), but I managed to squeeze in a few details like the "stripes" above and beside the door, the door itself (fixed), and the retractable periscope for the commander.

The Interior

The AT-AT features:
- Seating for 40 minifigs (plus 2 in the head [the commander stands!])
- 4 Zip lines which extend out the large bay doors for troop descent
- A detailed yet useless engine room (lower rear level)
- Speeder bike garage for up to 5 bikes
- A retractable ladder to travel between levels
- A 2nd retractable ladder to pop out of an escape hatch on the roof
- 4 working side escape hatches (plus 2 that are just for show)
- 2 large working bay doors (supported by rubber bands)


Out of curiousity, I overlayed the "standard" blueprint of the AT-AT over one of my pictures to test out how close it came. And just to be a little bit more persnickity, I also drew out my AT-AT as it would look straight-on to avoid the fish-eye factor of our friend, optics.

More Pictures

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