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The completed village!

At long last, I'm calling it done... I finally took pictures of the much huger than initially anticipated village. You can see the evolution of the village through my site:
My 1st couple of houses
My first real attempts at a village
Back when it was a walled city
When it was combined with Eric K's stuff for the TCS castle display dry run
The actual TCS display (on the NELUG site)
When all the buildings were complete, but not put together...
The initial test layout

All in all, I think it turned out pretty well... there are some things I would have liked to change, but I just don't have the silly amount of bricks necessary-- like having mroe types of greenery and trees, making it wider and longer (the houses are a bit cramped), including an old burned down house (black, grey, dk grey bits of frame of a house and a chimney), a clear brick on top of blue brick river, etc, etc... So for now, or until the time when anyone wants to contribute to an even bigger town, I'm calling it done :)

Questions? Comments? Love it? Hate it? Like Vitamin D milk? Then mail me! (Or ask me on LUGNET!)

(For the record, this model was put together in September of 2000.)
And now, on with the pictures!

One of my 1st attempts at fixing up an image in photoshop (the scene in the background is behind my apt/house-- genuine farmland)

Here's the original picture... here you can see why there's light source problems in the modified version... :)

These guys are quite obviously the rich folks... They're pretty snotty, but they've got a nice house...

I was gonna have this guy fishing in the river, but realised I would need a fishing rod, so I postponed giving him one... by the time I got to photographing, I had completely forgotten... oh well :(

Sheep design stolen and modified from Suz's as seen in the TCS display of the medieval town...

Here's my NC-17 shot... I considered putting this guy's clothes by the side of the little pond, but later didn't like the look of a peg-topped shirt or double-pegged pants

Originally, this guy was supposed to be working on the house... he just ended up looking sneaky though... must be a spy

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