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The P.A.R.V.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3




Level 1

The first level of the PARV features the main engine room, slots for 6 room modules, and a storage closet for spare parts that leads outside the PARV.
The exterior doors are located on the two sides, and have little storage lockers (these contained weapons in the BrikWars game, but were not discovered during gameplay).
The engine room is actually more of an all-purpose room for the vehicle's various systems. There's a set of power generators, water filtration and storage, air filtration, and secondary control systems. The engine room also houses the Badger, which can exit through the rear ramp.
Four of the module slots in the 1st level are living modules (see Level 3 for pictures), but also featured in the lower level are a machine shop and general storage.

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