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The P.A.R.V.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3





The front of the PARV doesn't feature all that much, but it does have two access panels for the drive motors, as well as a walk-through storage closet (containing replacement wheels) that connects to the first level. And above, you can see through the large windows into the bridge.
The exterior sides are where all the action is. There are main entry doors, access panels, hoses, spare treads, a connection opening, winches, ladders, and just general greebles.
Most of the exterior doors slide in and out, but these required little ramps to connect with the ground below
Right next to the side doors are serveral hoses and an access panel. They're intended to be for water and power, with a 3rd for connecting to air, although the physical limits of the MOC prevented me from getting a 3rd set of large hoses into the small space, so the air "hose" got rather simplified.
Like some tanks, the PARV features spare treads on the sides, which (given their size) would be rather impractical for minifigs to carry around, but they'll just have to cross that bridge when they come to it.
The intent behind the PARV was that it could "connect" to other similar vehicles. So with that in mind, there's a connector that leads right into the 2nd level of the PARV.
The rear of the vehicle features a ramp for the Badger to roll out of. And just within the doors are a couple more handy winches.
And of course, there's the Badger-- I'm not sure why it was named the "Badger", but for some reason, after I thought of it, the name just stuck.

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