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The P.A.R.V.


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Level 2

The 2nd Level is intended for most of the crew's general living activity. It features the bridge, 4 module slots (kitchen, lounge, medical, bio lab), and bathrooms. It also has two external side decks, a hangar bay for the Piglet, and a rear landing platform
The bridge is one of the largest rooms, with 8 control stations, and of course, monitoring for the Death Star.
The bathrooms are located near the rear of the 2nd level, with mens and women's-- although neither are marked appropriately. Each has two shower stalls, 3 toilets, and only 1 sink. Yes, you can tell I'm male since I didn't put more priority on sinks and bathroom mirrors.
The rear hangar is pretty tight. There's JUST enough room in there for the Piglet, but very little else in the room. The outer landing pad, however, features much more room for it to romp around in.
The second level features quite a lot of other deck space, too. This was primarily to make sure that during the BrikWars game, enemies would have no trouble finding many places to board
This level is also home to the vehicles maintenance/security droids. Another hidden bonus during the game, these robots were kept in four secret storage lockers close to the bridge.
We've also got the exterior connecting ramps on level 2 as well. There's some better views of these outside, but from the inside, here's what it looks like.
The 4 room module slots are taken up by the kitchen, lounge, medical bay, and the bio lab. During the BrikWars game, 3 of these 4 slots were taken up by other people's room modules-- a robot lab, a bar, and a bio freezing chamber. The kitchen:
The lounge:
The medical bay:
The bio lab:

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