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The P.A.R.V.


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The roof of the PARV actually has quite a bit on it. Two laser turrets, missile racks, radar, a crane, 3 entry hatches, storage racks, and a set of raised lights.
As I was building, I realized that the top was the only area where there wasn't really any room to put effective lighting. Hence, I added 4 retractable lights on poles that would actually make the top usable if this vehicle were in the slightest bit realistic. Which it isn't. But I can dream.
Unfortunately, I never got adept enough at designing cranes. This crane was more of a last-minute add-on that I intended to improve, but never did. So, sorry, no pictures of it unfolded an "in action", since it wouldn't stay in place without a little hand-holding.
It's got some other little greebles up there on the roof-- many of which were improvised in order to save me from buying more tan tiles, much to the chagrin of Kevin Salm, who I'm sure would've been happy to sell me a kabillion more.
Of course the PARV has laser turrets. No self-respecting futuristic vehicle would be without them. The PARV has 6 manned turrets in total, 2 on the roof, and one on each corner of the 2nd level's outer decks. Also, on the front slope of the roof, there are two unmanned turrets for all your blasting needs.
Another hidden feature was a set of missile racks. Part of the premise of the BrikWars game was that the drivers of the PARV weren't familiar with its systems, so these were carefully hidden from view until the time was right for them to be revealed.

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